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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh, the guilt...

So, today in typical fashion, I was exhausted from not getting enough sleep last night. Again. *argh* The moment I get to stop from whizzing about like a disney storytale fairygodmother, my mind goes into overdrive. It's as if I can hear the sounds of trains, fog horns, babies crying on airplanes and new york city taxicabs honking. Why is that? I have been practicing Corepower Yoga for 3 months and have definitely noticed the differences between then and now. Except the mind settling down into a peaceful state part. OH, and when I am driving to work after a big snowstorm. Talk about road rage!

So, today's workout was up in the air til the last minute and finally decided to hop on the trainer. I hadn't done that in about 3 weeks and I wanted to feel all my IM friends-in-training's pain of being indoors on bike. That just seems so wrong. I threw in Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy ...and watched the episode, "Oh, the guilt." That 43 minutes really flew by and it wasn't really all that bad. McDreamy divorced Addison, Christina helped Burke fake a surgery, George got dissed...again! It was good to hang with my homeys... Figuring if the writers weren't striking, today would have been a Grey's day anyways.

I was too lazy to fill my back tire with air so the tension was pretty light and it was definitely what the HEPsters would call a Z1 ride. heh heh... I figured my days of being 'lazy' are numbered and so I might as well live it up, without any guilt! Immediately following my lazy ride, I met my pal Crick for something I do best. SHOPPING! Of course we were out to find dining room chairs for her and boy did I come home with some cool stuff...I mean, we didn't have any luck finding her chairs. Sorry Kell!

Well, I need to clean the cookie crumbs off the keyboard and get moving...Hoping to get to bed before Conan.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


BJ said...

You're core power crazy. Addiction? Wait till you get 'into the ironman plan'. Good stuff. Great blog, will add you to my blogroll too.

Have a great weekend!

Mike said...

I swear I saw you come home from shopping empty-handed. Is there like a secret trap door in the garage that I don't know about?