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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Running in a snowglobe

It's the first real snowfall of 2008 - we're getting the wicked snowstorm that has been paralyzing the Pacific Northwest for days now. And what do I do? I go for a run. Need to clear my head and there is NO way in hell that I am going to sort through the mind-junk from my work day on a treadmill with all the new year's resolutioners. PLUS. The weather could be like this in Los Angeles on Marathon Day and it's better to have trained in the worst weather. Nah, that's just a bunch of crap.

I read
BJ's Blog today and he offered up some pretty sound advice for cold weather running. I layer up. Long underwear and base layer top beneath the Tough Girl. With my GoLite hoody, a beanie, skirt visor and mittens, I am most confidently ready to skip through the snow. And skip I did... I am a nighttime runner and love it. I have a 6.4 mile loop that I know every inch of. It was obvious that I was the first person to make tracks in this fresh powder...it was hard to see the ground as everything was so white. While cars were spinning out of control and snow plows were blazing by, I am sure they were looking at me like I was crazy as I returned the stare with thoughts of "go home and sit in front of a warm fireplace you nutzos!" In the meantime, I looked like a little running snowman.

A little over 2 miles into my run, I squint ahead and think to myself, that is the biggest fattest cat I have ever seen! Who in their right mind would let their pet out of the house in this weather? As I approach and get within 2 feet of this creature, I suddenly realized that it wasn't a cat but a FOX. All I could say was "SHOO! SHOO!" As if suddenly this small 40lb BEAST of an animal was going to be able to understand the panicked command coming off the frozen lips of some crazy woman running in this weather. My HR definitely jumped a little bit as I made my way through the snowglobe.

The snow was falling so fast and the wind was whirling all around me, in no particular direction. Against the shadow from the streetlights, looking out onto the ground ahead of me, the snow falling looked like the sparkles that swirl around in the water of a just-shaken snowglobe. It was so beautiful and serene. I ran the next 4 1/2 miles with the dumbest smile on my frost-bitten, icicle-eye-lashed snotty nosed face. I think I am ready to start training for
Ironman Wisconsin. Except for the swimming in a pool part. God help my pull buoy!


Michelle said...

Great post Sis. ++vibes++ and love, Michelle

Deanna said...

Kristina, you are my inspiration!

Mike said...

Great post babe...and I love the blog. Totally hoping for some snowfall tonight so I can run in the snowglobe....and of course, melt by morning so I can ride my 43 outside. Love you!