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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Clutching Espresso Love in fear of more winter

It was pretty cold here this morning, about 19 degrees at 7am and so I knew it was going to be a looooooong run. Thankfully no wind as that has been a constant pain in the ass when going out for training runs. Again - I HATE THE TREADMILL so I have to accept whatever the weather will be. I skipped the pre-run coffee as I didn't want to deal with any 'issues' and headed out the door with 2 layers of everything and ipod in tow around 7:30am.

I have a really nice, gradually hilly 15 mile out and back that I do and then add to it when I need more distance by running through the neighborhoods. My chest was pretty tight when I first started and it felt like I was trying to breathe through a plate of glass. It was tough. Tried to breathe through my nose and avoid more cold air coming in through my mouth. Seemed to work ok and I was warming up. When I got to the heart of my run, miles 4-9, I wanted to start 'warming up' my GU as it was pretty frozen in this wintery weather. I was trying a new flavor today, Espresso Love and I was pretty excited about it. I clutched it tightly in my mitten and heated it up. It was pretty tasty!

I was feeling strong and actually ran into Kelly B around mile 10 as I was headed back towards home. We chatted about training and yoga and stuff ...but that only lasted for about 2 minutes because I can't talk and run in altitude, even 5 years later.

I dropped Kelly off around mile 12 and I started to notice that my dogs were pretty sore. The balls of my feet were pretty tender. Crap. I was hoping that wouldn't happen *again* in my new running shoes. I was really liking the Mizuno's - maybe all shoes do that and I just won't ever have the comfort I am desperately seeking. *sigh*

Getting ready for yoga and just snacked on a Strawberries n' Cream frappy from starbucks after returning from the liquor store. Need to stock up for all those fabulous commericals tomorrow night! Did I mention yet that I am not really a football fan? Should be fun anyways.

OH! and happy groundhog day??? I don't think so...Damn bastard saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter....prepare to die little man!

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Jessica said...

You better have the bowling skills to back up that mouth of yours girlfriend. I'm all or nothing so pending I don't suck, I'll be awesome!

Great job on the training, I know your little paws get so cold.