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Monday, February 4, 2008

Conquering the pool

This weekend seemed to pass too quickly. After yoga Saturday evening, Mike and I went to the Howie's of the Howie Endurance Project and had a killer meal along with great conversation and some talk of my IM training. Wisconsin is about 31 weeks out and the main focus over the next few weeks will be my swimming, or lack of. I need to get back to the basics and use a snorkel and fins and anything else that will let me feel relaxed in the pool. Maybe some arm floaties?

The swim is the scariest part for me and I rely on that wetsuit like a child to a blanket...security. I need to have more confidence in the water if I am ever going to survive Ironman. I ordered some training gear from TriSports today and once it arrives I will have no more excuses from staying away from the pool. Damn.

Yesterday was hot yoga and it helped to loosen up the muscles. Tonight I got home from work too late to grab another yoga class so I met up with Meredith and McDreamy and the cast of Grey's for 60 minutes on the trainer. Felt good. Need to make some adjustments to my converted road bike but all in all, am pretty excited to ride it this spring. I converted it pretty late last year and didn't get to spend a lot of time on it outside.

Hoping to get up before work for a speed workout at the gym - YUCK! But I am a registered voter who is excited to caucus SO tomorrow may just be a rest day... we'll see who wins...the alarm clock or me!

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BJ said...

I have been there, so your not alone. Anxiety is overwhelming. Best thing is do what you can to stay calm...if that means getting in the water everyday just to put your head in the water, that's what you need to do. The biggest help for me was the snorkel and fins...really allowed me to get the feel for swimming, without worrying how i would get my next breath. so your doing the right thing. It will just take time...before you know it, you'll be lapping everyone, like my wife does...dam it! Seriously, just keep at it. Don't let the panic take over your mind, your stronger than that, as shown by some 30 or more marathons. Best of luck with your swimming...you'll do it...and surprise yourself in the process!