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Friday, February 8, 2008

Just letting go .

What a week! I was so happy waking up this morning knowing it was Friday. Work challenged me today and so I was pretty relieved once the day ended. Went to 6PM CorePower 2 with leggy Marisa and was ready for her challenges. ALL of them. Despite being pretty drained, I really wanted to make some advancements physically in her class. She's extremely challenging and really likes to push us past our limits.

I am still struggling with one particular yoga position, crow, and am realizing it's probably more mental than anything. That's the difficult part of yoga, letting go of what you can't do and focusing on what you can. Being an endurance athlete, I put so much pressure on myself to learn something quickly and be great at it immediately. It's a horrible thing one does to oneself... comparing to others, being envious of their skills or talents...why is it that we strive to be so much like someone else? We should be striving to be ourselves, realizing our OWN fullest potential and tapping into the existing talents that lie within.

I struggle deeply with holding on to certain emotions that have no purpose for goodness in my life, mostly a fear that I am not good enough...The challenge that I face and am eager to overcome in these next few weeks and months as I begin Ironman training, is letting go of that fear. IM training is going to strip me down physically and emotionally and it's going to force me to dig deep within and find the strength to some days, simply get out of bed... I think I have found in yoga something that has tapped into a part of me that exists within all of us...that fear that tells us we're not good enough...I am ready to let go of that fear and achieve my dream of becoming an Ironman. Now if I could only figure out that damned crow!

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Mike said...

Great perspective. I am so excited to watch you become an Ironman. You have the strength, endurance and will....All you need to do is believe in yourself as much as I do....Soon you'll be planning your next one....remember, I know you Champ.