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Friday, February 1, 2008

Mmmmmm. YOGA

It's Friday. Two good things happen on Fridays. 1. Work ends for the week. 2. C2 at 6pm with Marisa. I look forward to this spinetwisting, leg burning, sweaty, monster of a yoga class.
On the outside, Marisa is this beautiful, leggy, soft-spoken brunette *jealous.* On the inside, she's a drill seargant that makes you work hard for every dime YOU are spending to be there. I was able to hold my first hurdler for more than 10 seconds and I was pretty pumped. and tired. It's freakin' hard! (above left picture -notice the feet aren't touching the ground? neither were mine, yay!)

I was so excited when I got to class and found that 3 of my friends were there - Craig & Chris *Happy Anniversary!!* and Kelly *smitten.* It was cool to be able to unite the energy and share the hour with them. Tomorrow's a nice, easy 18 mile run in the morning and an hour of power fusion yoga in the afternoon. Los Angeles is just 4 weeks away and I really need to book my flight *um, procrastinate much???*

Just chowed down on some pizza while visualing many strikes for an upcoming bowling night (be ready HEPsters )and getting ready to watch Bill Maher in preparation for Super Tuesday. It's 8:30pm and I am really looking forward to some sleepy, sleepy. This old lady is pooped!

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knopfler said...

"...a nice, easy 18 mile run" ?!
you crack me up!
I say there is no such thing :)