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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tough Girl meets Tiara meets Snowman Stampede

Yesterday was the Snowman Stampede and Mike and I were running the 10 miler. The race didn't start until 10am so it was so nice being able to "sleep in." It was a warm and balmy 36 degrees at 7:45am so we were pretty psyched that it might actually be warm at the start.

I opted for the Tough Girl and because of a bet lost to this guy from Billerica aka Wicked Pissah, I very reluctantly also had to wear a Tiara. I thought I ditched that damn thing but found it just in time for race morning. *sigh* (It's comforting to know that my head is approximately the same size as a 3-5YR old girl's... )

In preparation for next week's Los Angeles Marathon, I wanted to run slow and steady and not push it. My heart rate was pretty high at the start around 171 and to bring it down to anything remotely low, I would have had to walk. I felt great though and just continued that pace. It felt slow to me and I screwed my watch up around 22 minutes so once again, I had no clue what my time would be. I thought for sure I would come in around 1:40 or so.

This was a pretty small race and there were only a few other Skirts out there - it was pretty obvious to me that quite a few runners were using this as a training run for something bigger. and then there was me.

I got some looks, some older men 'smiles' and some girls saying 'how cute I was' but I felt that I grew quite comfortable with being the odd man out, or 'skirt' as I would say...I guess there would come a time in my life that I would always beat to a different drum. This was just another one of those days...I am sure there were some guys getting pretty pissed that this chick with a tiara was sailing past them on her 'easy' run while they were huffing and puffing away. Secretly? I LOVE those moments and definitely feel 'beautiful' when that happens...

With a 1:34 in the bag and a massage tonight, I am feeling so great about next week's marathon. This will be an easy week although I will be introducing 2 swimming drills in preparation for the official start of Ironman training next week. I am really looking forward to some real warm weather and sea level breathing next Sunday in California. Next Sunday is going to be a breeze in comparison to the following 26 weeks leading up to Ironman Wisconsin...


Craig said...

Ah Yes!!
there it is, the Tiara wearing pink tough girl! 1.25 miles looking like a princess for every pin you fell short. Seems like a good deal to me.

My girls have a couple more Tiara's and I have a closet-full of Skirts at my disposal - the dress is definitely out though - should you feel the urge to try to get even.

Now what should we do with the "Average Skirt" and her lost bet?

-Wicked! Pissah!

rock the house in LA.

Anonymous said...

You're gonna roll in LA. Sending you all our fast juju! Petra