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Monday, February 18, 2008

Water logged

I am so tired! 60 minutes of yoga yesterday and again this morning. This afternoon I met with my coach, Craig Howie of the Howie Endurance Project, for an hour of "training" aka swim lesson.

It was quite fun actually. I had all sorts of gear and funny looking contraptions to help me do the one thing that I can't ever seem to do...RELAX! I had a snorkel (which by the way is legal at IM), nose clips, semi-big goggles, flippers and a little computer tucked in the back of my swim cap that beeped audibly so I could time my kicks into the "coffee can."

I got in and swam my first 50 on my own and I felt like I had just sprinted to the top of the Sears Tower. My legs were cached and my HR was sky high. Well, we know we have some real work ahead of us but Craig seems to think there's some potential there...he was such a good sport and so encouraging. I couldn't imagine how ridiculous I must have looked, thank goodness I forgot the camera. At any rate, after 60 minutes, we completely revamped my not-so-existent stroke and I feel pretty confident that I will one day soon be able to swim on my own, in a pool, without the aid of anything. Hell, maybe I will even get to use my 'kick' in open water... However, I will be named Windmill Arms until further notice...we have to force my arms out in front of me as exaggerated as possible for the time being to break a habit...my poor little pipe cleaners are going to be tired.

I wonder why Craig didn't tell me to get the following?


KellyB said...

Hey Girl
I remember your first swimming days and swearing you would be using a snorkel in the half IM!!
Well - thanks to Craig and a swimming machine (kinky and awesome at the same time :)) you will be FAB in all three trials of the IM!
Would love to swim with you soon!
Love ya, kell

Anonymous said...

Dude is that an actual picture of your swimming coach floating in the water.......haha!!!!! You are going to do great....you always do!!!!! Love, lil sis, Aim

Mike said...

Those little windmill pipe cleaners could get dangerous...stick with it babe and stay positive...you'll be tearing it up in no time...