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Monday, February 11, 2008


Mondays. blech.

It was a pretty long day and I was anxious when 4pm rolled around. Knew I was practicing yoga tonight and was really excited about it. I am still pretty tired from my run Saturday and most of our yoga class, I swear, we spent all class in crescent lunge. I thought my thighs were going to literally burn up and fall to my mat. Wow. Did it hurt. I had pretty poor balance and was dehydrated. I am trying to remember my last real day off when I didn't train or do yoga. hmm. still thinking. ahhh, thinking. yeah, I can't remember. I guess that would explain why I am so tired. Off to bed for some zzzz's and a shorty run tomorrow. Maybe 10k with some pick-ups. Nothing too crazy. I did get my new HR monitor today so I will be playing around with that tomorrow. I have a feeling that the numbers will be pretty high!

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BJ said...

Love the photos...makes the message pop. What kind of HR monitor did you get? Can't believe how much running your doing. So much confidence in the run, you're going to breeze through that marathon at wisconsin, it's all mental when you get to that point. Just don't blow over, the wind is relentless.