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Thursday, March 13, 2008

26 mile ride, .5 mile run

As the week is ending, I am feeling really good about my training this week. So far, I have been able to do everything Craig outlined for me and I am pretty anal about doing EXACTLY what is in the schedule. I follow the times and zones to the tee. I am that annoying new girl that has to play by the rules and will totally snitch on those who don't. *ahem, honey? your run today? tsk tsk*

When I trained for my first marathon, I followed my training program to the minute. It was a 13 week time based program created for me by the first Ironman I had ever met. I think until then, I didn't even know what an Ironman was. I just remember thinking, wow - this dude is badass and wouldn't it be cool if I could do one. He was friends with and trained under the one and only, Mark Allen. Of course, at that time, being almost 15lbs heavier, hadn't been in a pool since fifth grade and only owned a $40 K-mart bike, thought crap, I'm lucky if I could finish a marathon! My, have times changed.

Here's a sneak peek and what that training schedule looked like. - I used it for my first 3 marathons. Mind you, I had never really run more than 5 miles before I decided to run a marathon. I ran 65 miles week 5 ...I have no idea how I did it because now, I would never run more than 40 and that would be pushing it!! I also lifted and always used a HR monitor. Lost the HR monitor somewhere after the 2nd year but I am really happy to have found it again.

I also had a cool little binder that held my training plan, along with some mind power reading materials and "words to run by" - that was my favorite - when I would be feeling low, I would come to these pages and just let their words soak into my mind. My favorite quote right now is...

The biggest gap in the world is between "I should" and "I did."

I can't wait until I can say... I DID an Ironman!

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