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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bike, Run, Bike in the last 24 hours

After yesterday morning's debacle swim, I was kind of excited for the ride last night. Had a 27 mile Tempo ride and Mike and I were going to ride "together" for the first time.

Rented "I am Legend" aka "I am falling asleep" (snoozer with all of about 4 lines total) and had a great first 10 miles or so. It's true, Mike started crying like a baby about how his trainer (the new one) wasn't working etc. and he couldn't get moving on it. I told him we were switching because I couldn't handle listening to the complaining for the remainder of ride. We switched and I was swearing up a storm! Couldn't get it to go over 13 mph. Are you freaking kidding me? I had a bad swim, an even worse day at work, now this. I officially wanted the day to end. I cut the ride 1 mile short after about 1 hour, 43 minutes. PATHETIC!

I haven't been sleeping and so I opted for Nyquil to help me through the night. Oh boy, did I sleep hard. Mike came in around 5am and said, HONEY ARE YOU GETTING UP OR WHAT?? (I have been sleeping in the 2nd bedroom because I cough and toss/turn all night long) Apparently, my alarm was going off for 20 minutes which in Mike-speak means like 2 minutes *(you KNOW you exaggerate babe) ... Got up and headed out the door 15 minutes later for a 5 mile OD run. It was AWESOME!! In Z1, my HR was about 125 and I had a hard time getting it up into z2. Something's working here with this HR training... yippee!

Had an 18 mile OD ride tonight and there was NO way I was going to suffer inside at a blistering pace of 9mph. I rode outside, amidst the wind and more importantly the fresh air. It was so nice to see mph in the 20's!! Woohoo!

Tomorrow is a 1250 yard tempo swim and thanks to all of my wonderful and supportive friends, I feel really good going into it. I know it's going to 'click' one of these days... I am going to manage it in my mind, control my thoughts, make a caricature of the scary stuff, have heart, keep the faith and keep on trucking!

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Jackie said...

Kristina, we met Petra at IMAZ last year.......small world ! Met her husband too...he did a great time in the race, if I recall right ?

Please say 'hello' to her from us