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Monday, March 10, 2008


Got up at 4:45am and was in the pool at 5:10am. First one in again. LOVE that. An easy 700 yards - all drills of my choice. Swam the first 50 without any equipment as well as the last 50. I struggle like mad though with breathing when I am on my own. It's still frustrating. Gosh, I LOVE the snorkel! When I was done, I hopped in the heated pool (97 degrees) and chilled for a few minutes. That felt awesome. Was home by 6:05 - wow. That's early. This is my new life. 2 weeks ago, I was snoozing until 6:25... Those days are long gone.

Got home from work and dinked around with Luna. Got on the trainer for a 3 mile spin and off to run 8 miles. It was almost 60 degrees and with the added sunlight, I had a fantastic run. Spent 6.5 of the 8 miles in a comfortable z2. I felt great- legs felt great - lungs felt even greater! Popped an espresso gu around 40 minutes and it was just what I needed.

I know that working with Craig is going to transform who I am as an athlete and the changes that will occur over the next 6 months are going to be phenomenal and I am so excited for the metamorphisis. Mike is already changing - his confidence is booming and he is getting stronger and faster. I feel like I am finally going to change from the caterpillar to the butterfly... I have always been a late bloomer... now is my time to fly.

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BJ said...

you'll be loving the swim in i'd say...um...10 months. Yeah, 10 months. After Wisconsin, you'll be so fired up to do another one, and you'll be calculating time on the swim you can make up too...crazy cycle, it is...that's for sure. But just keep swimming, drilling...and the more your in the water, the more it becomes second nature. Swim Strong!