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Sunday, March 23, 2008

The chaos subsides for the next 7 days

Ah, stabilizer week is here... I have been waiting very impatiently for this week to arrive. Life has been stressful and chaotic enough as of late without throwing into the mix the fact that not only am I training for an Ironman, but so is my husband. I feel like every moment we're awake and not at work is such precious but hurried time to cram in everything we need to do. We have no harmony.

Last night, we had our IMCdA friends over and really let loose (ok, that may be exaggerating a bit), chowed down on a wonderful meal and the most delicious cheesecake! Everyone brought something yummy and it was so fun! It's nights like that when I can unwind amongst those who get the chaos and live in it that make me feel not so crazy for taking on the Ironman. The time, the sacrifice, the committment... It's interesting to hear how everyone copes with it.

There are days when I'll have a swim in the morning and a ride at night and Mike has a ride in the morning and a run at night and by the time we see each other for the first time for the day it's dinnertime and somehow one of us has to do the cooking. Let me tell you that I don't like doing it, ever. I am not the chef in the house. Most of the time we can look at each other and know what's going to come out of each other's mouths... "Pizza?" Although not always healthy, it's convenient and downright delicious. Ok, I exaggerate, we do that once a week but I am pretty sure we could do that almost every night. Ask me the one food if deserted on an Island I would want for the rest of my life? Hands down, 'za!! Chicago-stlye of course... Mike and I would have to be deserted on different islands though...he's a NY style guy... *blech*

We have been trying to be diligent about balancing our diets more, filling up on carbs and protein when we need to with the right amount of fat. Brown bagging our lunches is getting fun. Mike gets poked fun at when he shows up to work with a bag that includes: a sweet potato, a turkey/swiss sandwich, an apple, an orange, a plum, some pretzels and chocolate teddy bear cookies - most of it being organic including the cookies :) For me, that is 2 meals and a snack. For Mike, well, he's just getting warmed up.

We are trying to experiment more with recipes too. For awhile, we are on 4-5 night habit of eating a cobb salad. We got made fun of for that too. I guess when we like something, we eat it A LOT. Then, we don't even think about if for 6 months and have already moved on to the next meal that we make repeatedly. I can't wait to see what happens when we are closer to Mike's race because I will be entering the build phase and be putting in more hours of training than I do now. It might have to be pizza, a lot. *darn*

This week looks so relaxing to me:
2200 yards swimming
63 miles cycling
11 miles running
2-3 sessions of yoga
1 massage - hooray!

It almost looks like I am barely working out. It's the calm before the storm I guess.... but for now, I will enjoy the next 7 days and live in my bubble of happiness and harmony...


Mike said...

I am not going to say that I am jealous, but I am...I so want my stabilizer week...soon enough.

Next week for me...maybe because its offset with yours we'll bring in alittle harmony, eh?

knopfler said...

I could eat yous-guys Guido Lasagna 7 nights a week!

Thanks for the food and a fun evening.

Michelle D said...

A life w/o chaos? Sigh....
Sign me up.
Your sis, the roller derby wanna be, Belle.Just.Belle

Deanna said...

Enjoy your recovery week! I was laughing at your food comments. I am the same way. Once I find something I like, I eat it day after day for months.