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Friday, March 28, 2008

Finishing up stabilizer week

I feel really well rested going into the weekend. Despite the stress of Luna's surgery and crazy lack of sleep, I feel strong. Had a massage Tuesday which helped tremendously. I can't begin to preach enough about how important massage is when training. Rest days are too. I am learning to take them... slowly... Luna has been a good teacher...

Yesterday was a 4 mile tempo run. I waited for Mike to get back from his 12 miler and I headed out the door close to 7:20pm. thankyoudaylightsavings. The temp was ideal at 50 degrees and I was dressed perfectly for the weather. Headed out with a 1/2 mile warmup in z1 (anything under 150bpm) and quite comfortably without being wicked embarassed, averaged 122. This is seriously getting COOL. My heart rate is staying low and I am going the same speed as when it would easily shoot up to mid 140s. I know the cooler weather helps and for some reason I can keep the HR down when I run at night, despite the daily stress. My main set was four one minute z4 strides and my HR got up to about 172...but it took some work to get there. Coach ... something weird is happening! :)

Today, I opted out of the swim and went to yoga instead. It was a tough class but I felt like I needed it mentally. It was a long week at work as well as home. I had to decline an invitation to happy hour with "the girls" down in Denver today. That's always a bummer... I am the token 'old lady' with her routines. haha...Ladies - just remember to invite me out AFTER September 7th ... I PROMISE I WILL BE AVAILABLE!! Enjoy a glass of wine tonight for me.

Little Luna is hanging in there. Her leg is pretty badly swollen and bruised and today the fluid was really settling into her ankle. She is digging the new crate and sweet cone though. I laid with her tonight, compressing a bag of peas into her ankle and knee as we watched Death at a Funeral. Freakin' hilarious. Love the Englishman!

Getting up at 6:15am so I can tackle the day... tomorrow is a 950 yard swim, followed by a 31 mile endurance ride and a 1 mile run off the bike. I am definitely looking forward to it. I can hear Mike already sawing logs... must.find.ear.plugs.get.to.bed.

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