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Monday, March 24, 2008

Freakin' alarm clock!

I wanted to choke it. It wouldn't shut the heck up at 5am and so with that, I snoozed, and snoozed and snoozed. I just couldn't get up. We went to bed at 9 last night but that just wasn't enough time. I bagged my a.m. 6 mile run and opted to do it tonight after my 11 mile ride. I know it wasn't supposed to be a brick but it was only 11 miles on the bike. haha. The ride was quick and the run felt good - mostly z2 with 2 miles in z3. It was windy as heck so it was easy to be in z3. My legs felt really strong.

On my way home, I passed the rec center that was Mike was lifting at and saw all sorts of lights: an ambulance, a firetruck and a cop car. Oh heavens, I must say I panicked for a minute because I knew Mike was there. I didn't want another ER visit. I got home and he drove up about 15 minutes later, unscathed. *phew* I guess he didn't even know there was any commotion because he had his headphones blaring the entire time. You know the ones
Wicked Pissah! that cost like $100? Apparently they sound proof his workouts!

Tonight was one of those nights too. Hmmm... pizza? DELISH!

I will try this all over again tomorrow at 4:45am for a swim. We'll see how that goes!


knopfler said...

...worth every penny!

I crank up "Bleed it Out" all the time on mine. You turned me on to that song.

-Wicked Pissah!

Mike said...

Just for the record...they we $70, because I sent in and old pair for exchange...so that makes them so worth every penny.

You better not try them...you'll want some!