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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday was not "Good" at all...

Oh my gosh. Friday was supposed to be good! I had the day off from work, I was going to sleep in and lounge around and drink coffee while the fireplace guys cleaned out our fireplaces. I had a 45 mile ride and a 2 mile run scheduled just after that and then I would do some chores around the house.

Well, it started off ok. Fireplace guys came and so I had my coffee and got the itch to paint the stairway trim. They were here almost 2 hours so I got the painting done and was psyched. Had been putting that off 6 months...

I was upstairs doing something while Little Luna was outside. She was out there a few minutes and I heard this crying. I tore down the stairs like a bat out of hell to find her outside with her right back leg bent in the air. Crap - I didn't see blood and was a little relieved. Felt around for a thorn or something in her paw. Nothing. She couldn't put any pressure on it. Crap. Yet ANOTHER trip to the vet. Dropped her off as they were going to xray her and had other animals to tend to.

Got home and hopped on the trainer for my 45 mile ride. Got almost 4 episodes of Grey's Anatomy in and in less than 2 hours, 45 minutes. I was happy with that time although I would have rather been outside. Opted to only run 1 mile off the bike as I didn't know when the vet would call. Not more than 2 minutes after I got home did the vet call and apologize for the fact that their xray machine just went down. We were being transferred to an ER animal hospital about 5 miles away. UGH. The inital diagnois, torn ACL. Oh no. Surgery. NOT cool.

After another 2 hours at the ER, it was confirmed - my little baby had a torn ACL and her surgery is Tuesday. Just what I wanted to spend $2k on. Oh well, she is SO worth it.

She and Mike are a LOT alike...to find out just how alike, check out his blog today!

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