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Monday, March 3, 2008

It's all about Ironman now...

Yesterday was exhausting! I finished the marathon in not so fine shape but the key word is FINISHED (thanks to a great friend, Elizabeth - 9 time Ironman finisher.) The race start was cramped with some real newby and not-so-etiquette-carrying runners but I trudged through it and by the time I settled into a rhythm, so did the heat. It was a little TOO toasty for my taste and I completely forgot to wear sunscreen. Can we say Lobsterfest 2008? Yowza. My shoulders bore the brunt of the beating. I had a 1:52, 2:14 split - typical of me to really have a great start and a sluggish finish. I finished with a smile on my face however knowing that marathoning was over for now and I could focus on something else. Ironman Wisconsin.

It's officially 26 weeks out and I am excited. It was a good omen walking up to yesterday's race start and bumping into a guy who did IMMOO last year and is returning this year. We talked a lot and by the time the gun went off, I was already 'done' with the marathon and just wanted to move right into triathlon mode. It's important to have the right attitude going in because training is going to become all-consuming. I can already see it with Mike - he's getting to that point where training will outweigh pretty much everything else outside of work. And that is totally cool. I am so glad we have each other for support...we're going to need it!

Tomorrow is officially DAY 1 of training with a relaxing and mindless 1100 yard drill swim. I am more looking forward to the hot tub after. Ahhhhh.

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Deanna said...

So....how was Day 1?! You are my inspiration. :)