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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lazy hazy sunday

Today was a much needed lazy rest day! Adjusting to the daylight savings change is always rough but we managed to get our butts out bed (I managed, Mike was forced) in time for 8am hot yoga. And today, it was HOT. I was a sweaty pig but in a good way. Ran some errands, Mike took Luna for a walk - it was the kind of day that Josey would have loved. It's so hard to believe she's been gone for 9 weeks. I think about her all the time and miss her so much, it just kills me- now that girl knew how to relax...my little princess.

We headed out to Boulder at 1 for some lunch with our pals, Jess & BJ. Had some good eats and beers at the Walnut Brewery and spent about 90% of the time talking about Ironman. It's pretty cool as a couple to be able to experience and talk about everything we're going through with another couple going through the same thing. Mind you, everyone else is weeks ahead in training so I ask a TON of questions. I am just fascinated with everyone's will and drive and ambition - it's so inspiring! I really need that extra oomph as I approach week 2. It's quite drastically different than week 1.

Monday: 700yds swim, 3 mile bike, 8 mile run
Tuesday: 1600 yds swim, massage *yes!*
Wednesday: 17 mile bike, 4.5 mile run
Thursday: 26 mile bike, .5 mile run, weights at the gym
Friday: 1200 yds swim
Saturday: Brick - 25 mile bike, 5 mile run

Now. THAT'S more like it. I am really excited for this little taste of reality... if only we could afford a housekeeper...


Deanna said...

What does the housekeeper job pay? Does it include room and board?

Jackie said...

I'll do the laundry...I LOVE doing laundry !

E-mailed Howie Endurance Project to see if we could get an LT test.....

Mike said...

sweet it looks like we found a housekeeper and someone to do laundry....heheh :)

Josey sure did love those days...she's up in heaven chilling, every day must be like that.