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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Where you find "IT"

What a week and it's only Wednesday.

Yesterday started with a 1250 yard swim. Went so-so. Tried the pull buoy to ease up my HR but didn't seem to do much. I need to spend a heck of a lot more time in the pool. I am slowly becoming 'cool' with that.

Dropped Little Luna off for her surgery around 7:30am and off to work. Spent the day worrying but her surgery went off without a hitch. Visited her right after work and she was still on morphine, poor pup. She was so calm and relaxed (and drooly)...perhaps I should try some before my next swim!

Ended the day with a KILLER massage from my phenomenal therapist (both on and off the table), Jess. We always start our session just catching up and I always feel so grateful to have such a great friend in my life. She's a superb listener, gives honest advice and is the most wicked massage therapist, evuh! I almost fell asleep despite the deep tissue work ...I guess I was pretty freaking exhausted.

Picked up Looneys today, after work, and just laid with her on the ground, keeping her still until Mike got home so I could ride 21 miles on the trainer. Poor thing has to wear this ridiculous "Elizabethan" cone thingy which she HATES. Oh, it breaks my heart...

Hopped on the trainer around 6:20pm and finished up Season 3 of Grey's. It took me 1:15.16 to ride 21 miles. Legs felt great and my main set was a TT in Z4 for 3 miles. At 2.1 miles, I said out loud, "OWN IT", then smiled ... It became a mantra throughout the ride. Thanks BJ! Took 9min, 47sec to finish the TT and felt good. I pushed it but it wasn't crazy or painful. I know I could have gone harder. I am a strong rider when it comes to endurance/distance but it takes a lot for me to get into Z3/Z4 and hold it there.

I will need to really work on my bike the most, I think, to have a great IM time. My goals are aggressive and I know I my improvements in the swim will be minimal. I am going to "own" the run based on marathon experience and my marathon goal time is one that I have hit a few times... The bike is where I can make the greatest gains over the next 22 weeks. I am pretty excited to see what's going to happen .... I sense greatness, and I know where to find "IT," it comes from within. I just need to 'tap' into it...


Mike said...

Great insight my lil' philosopher.

It does come from within...those moments when you find it are powerful...Feel the power!

Keep on hammering Champ!

knopfler said...

confidence is key. You are already fit enough.

I was inspired by you to check out pravsworld.com.



BJ said...

Nice job on the bike...and hammering it. z4 is painful, but beneficial... I'm liking the 'own it' mentality...because you'll need it numerous times out there on race day. When you see that cyclist/runner in front of you...just moving along, and you'll know that you can overcome them and soon pass by. such a good feeling. Great job...keep it up.