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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring cleaning

As I go into week 3, I am feeling great. Yesterday, I lifted in the morning and then met Jess at the East Boulder pool for some drills. She is amazing to watch swim, so strong and effortless. I have serious H20 envy of my little Pisces but she was able to give me some things to think about in the pool that I definitely think will help.

The rest of the day was spent buzzing around in preparation for a friend's birthday party last night, lil' Kelly B from Skirt turned 25. I posed the question to some of the other thirty-somethings that were there, "Do you remember your 25th birthday?" The serious athletes in attendance (i.e. Pros) could remember but me, well I was too busy neglecting and abusing my body when I was 25. I am sure I was doing something stupid at some bar somewhere. I am glad that the person I 'was' is no longer a part of my life. She was laid to rest just about 10 years ago as it was shortly after that birthday that my focus became the marathon.

Slept in today and heard Mike leave for 8am hot yoga. I dragged myself out of bed and made a pot of coffee - a Sunday treat. I wish I could stomach the java like the Gumkowski's but I just can't stand the taste. Today's flavor was Cinammon Vanilla. mmmm

Mike and I are in SERIOUS spring cleaning mode today. We have tended to projects that have been lingering for about 2 years. It is so wonderful to have the freedom to be able to do this on Sundays. We LOVE Sundays!! I went to a 75 minute C2 yoga class at noon and dusted off some cobwebs and did some spring cleaning of my own internally. I felt it was just the right level of difficulty as I enter week 3...

This week looks fun and challenging of course:
3700 yds Swimming
90 miles Cycling
19 miles Running

I am looking forward to my 12 mile run tomorrow, I just hope the weather holds up. I figured if we were spring cleaning today, that spring would inevitably show up!!


Anonymous said...

Kristina......3 days after my 25th birthday...I got married !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kristina.....the anonymous was 'tribabe'.....I can't remember my password !