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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday attire

It has been customary for weeks now around 2pm on Sunday, that the pj's go on and it typically consists of my Willy Wonka pants and a tshirt. This week, I opted for my "I love Swimming" shirt. I am trying to convince myself that not only do I love swimming, but that I am actually good at it.

Yesterday's workout started out with a 950 yard swim. After having slept with Luna in her crate Friday night i.e. NO sleep at all, I dragged myself to the pool at 7:15am... it was not pretty. I shared a lane with this girl who was a really good swimmer. I, of course dumped my bag-o-gadgets out and began the drills as if I looked like I knew what I was doing. Guess what? I don't. By the time I was done and ready for cool-down, midly embarrassed at what a bad swim I had, my lane partner got out of the pool. She lapped me time and time again and it was a little frustrating. Even moreso when she turned to the side and appeared to be 7 months pregnant! Argh, I felt like a squashed ant by an angry picnic-er. Oh, the injustice. She could swim carrying a human being inside her belly better than I can. Again, "I love Swimming..."

Got home and tooled around with Luna, iced her knee and then got my stuff ready for my 31 mile ride. I opted for the trainer so I could stick close to home and check on Luna. Watched Michael Clayton and finished in about 1:51. Felt good and was out the door for my 1 mile run. Legs didn't feel wobbly or achey, which was good.

Last night, headed over to Coach Howie's house to meet the other HEP Athletes and try on the 2008 season gear. I am really psyched about the 'uniforms' and can't wait to wear them! Great job on the designs BJ, they're sweet... All the athletes were super cool and it was fun to hear about everyone's accomplishments and goals while working with Craig. I feel so confident about this season.

This week looks like this:
3900 yards swimming
96 miles cycling
21.5 miles running

I am about 5 weeks out from my next marathon and so I need to get some long runs in. Unfortunately, they will probably have to happen on Mondays. Tomorrow is a 3 mile pre-run spin on the trainer and a 14 mile endurance run. It's going to be a long night for me but a great way to start out the week!


Michaelson Family said...

Now those are Matt Richeda pants!!!
I love ya!

Mike said...

you're a freakin hottie. Especially the flip-flops!! YOWZA

Deanna said...

Must have a pair of the Willy Wonka pants! You are so adorable. :)