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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1850 yard swim, managing expectations

Up at 4:30am and out the door at 4:55am for my endurance swim. Despite the fact that my eyes were glued shut, I felt good as I headed over to the pool. Today's attitude was "embrace your ability, manage expecations." It worked out quite well for me as I allowed myself to use the pull buoy, snorkel and fins to support me through the workout. My total swim time was just under 40 minutes and I felt really positive about my experience. Yes, I have high expectations for myself. I push myself hard and with good reason...because I can. I don't feel like I was put here on earth to watch tv and eat fritos...well, some days, maybe BUT ... it's amazing what a positive mindset can do for you during a workout. I know that one day, and soon, that I will be able to swim all of this without anything other than me, a swimsuit and a stellar attitude. My 90 degree catch is coming along...the click everyone talks about? I can feel it is almost here.

I expect that I will one day, soon, be able to swim, and love every single minute of it.

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