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Friday, April 18, 2008

90 degree catch

My main focus in the water right now is the 90 degree catch. It's really hard to describe (see photo) and even harder to execute but I am getting there. Very. Slowly. I know once I nail it, I will move on to focusing on breathing and then the kick. Then... it will all come together. It's a long process and one that I am in no rush to hurry through as I want to get this on the first try. Technically, I have only been "swimming" for 9 1/2 months, 5 of which I didn't even get in the pool..so, I guess double technically, it's only been 4 1/2 months out of 35 years that I have spent swimming. With that in mind, I guess I do feel pretty good about my progress. Finally.

Today's swim was an 1100 yard drill swim and I payed close attention to the 90 degree catch. I didn't use the zoomers at all as I also need to be honing in on the kick and strengthening my legs. I do notice that when I'm done, my shoulders are tired and sore. I will continue to do yoga and start lifting to work on the strength in my arms and shoulders. These pipe cleaners will grow! I tell you!! (Mike teases me all the time about my rather skinny frame - as long as he doesn't call me Olive Oil, I am ok with it!)

Tomorrow I am going to start with yoga at 8am and then when it warms up a bit, head outside for a 35 mile ride and then a 5.5 mile run. I missed a 4.5 mile OD run this week so I am going to add it to today's 1 mile run off the ride. I will take it easy of course as I am still in stabilizer week.

My whole attitude has even been relaxed this week (complete shocker.) Last night I watched Juno (I think my new all time favorite movie along - a MUST SEE) and just chilled out with Luna. I really need to get a pair of those sweet shorts...

: Wow your shorts are like especially gold today.
Bleeker: My mom uses color safe bleach.
Juno: Go Carol.

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