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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Big girls DO cry

...and they cry, a lot. Fergie is so dead wrong!

Yesterday was rough. I cried on the way to work, at work and on the way home from work. One word. Josey. Saturday was 3 months... it just doesn't feel like it's getting easier. I haven't been sleeping all that great either, what with being on the couch and all. I think Sunday night, I slept a total of 5 hours, maybe? This is going to end soon as Luna is feeling better by the day.

So, I started off Monday exhausted and drained emotionally. Work was long and arduous due to tax season *can't wait until April 16th.* I opted to do the 750 yard swim another day this week so all I had to do last night was ride the trainer 3 miles and then run 14. miles, that is. After a long work day on 5 hours sleep. Cripes! I called Jess on the way home looking to her for words of wisdom and a swift kick in the ass to keep it together. She said all the right things and depsite the snow/rain/hail that I was driving home in, I was psyched to run. Pre was definitely livin' last night, I tell ya... Once again, "this could be Ironman...."

Off the ride, I threw on my kicks and headed out the door with cold weather gear including mittens. The sun was shining and I was 'warm' so I left the mittens at home. Big mistake. 6.5 miles into the run and my hands were red, swollen and tingly. A huge cloud cover had come in, the wind had picked up and the temps dropped. I was also running on roads among open space. I started sobbing and was running sideways because the wind was coming at me from the left. Seriously, who pissed of Mo' Nature...she's been a freakin' bee-atch lately. Have you ever heard a grown-up cry out for their mommy? Oh hell yes I did... I wanted my mommy. And 2 pairs of gloves and a glass of wine, preferrably red. Frick.

Saw Mike as he was driving home from the gym in shorts?!? with about 3.5 miles to go. I had to finish this bloody run but I popped into his car to warm up, whine a little and muster up my dignity. The weather calmed a little by that time and the sensation was returning to my hands. It hurt like hell but. I. Had. To. Finish. This. Run.

I got home around 8:20pm and was so relieved. Mike had made quesadillas and I conquered the day. All of it. Polished off a bottle of wine...ok, there was only 1 glass left in it but still, I felt like I a champ.

Today was a 15 mile OD ride. Piece of cake and sadly finished the final episode of Grey's Anatomy, Season 3..."it's over. It's soooo over.... "

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Deanna said...

Oh girl...I wish I could give you a GINORMOUS hug right now. Sorry about the weather. I was a tinsy bit jealous when you told me in was 70 degrees when I had to go run in the damn snow. So I sent a little your way. I am such a bad friend. :) These are the runs that make you a stronger run, a stonger athlete. You conquered and pulled through it. You are a Rock Star and should feel like a Champ! BTW-what's up with the one glass of wine? xoxoxo