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Sunday, April 27, 2008

BRICK solid

Yesterday's forecast was very wintery. Although it was bright and sunny out at 8am, it was still very chilly and windy. So windy in fact that our windows were howling. NOT a good sign.
I had a brick scheduled: a 41 mile ride and a pluthera of options for the 9.5 mile "run" afterwards. I would decide what I was going to do when I got off the bike and out on the road. I was hoping my brick wouldn't turn into a wall!

Rode the trainer for 41 miles while watching my favorite firefighters from the FDNY. They definitely helped me out in my mainset; a 17 mile z3 ride. It's pretty tough to get your HR up on the trainer but I was able to do so successfully. When I transitioned to my running gear, I looked outside and it was so grim. Dark clouds had settled in over the foothills and the temperature dropped, while the sun tucked itself away.

My plan was to run 3 miles (out and back) and then see how I was feeling. If I felt good, I would do it again, if not, I was going to the gym to finish out my time on the elliptical. I headed out with only 1 pair of gloves and my hands were frozen. I was so happy I was going to be home shortly to pick up another pair of gloves if I was feeling injury-free.

3 miles came and went and I felt awesome. I ran mostly in z1 (very slow!) and cautiously touched down on every left stride. I was hunched over a little too so I could protect my psoas. I didn't want it to stretch or pull at all. I probably looked ridiculous but I felt fantastic despite the weather. I know I had that big dumb grin on my face but I was sooo happy to be running. I got home at 3 miles, grabbed a second pair of gloves and headed out for a second time. It started to snow but I didn't care. My legs felt solid, even after riding for 2 hours and 40 minutes. No wobbly, achey pains anywhere. I took it as a sign to forge on and do my usual 6.4 mile loop. I would get almost 9.5miles in. I stopped twice to walk for about 10 minutes each time because although I wasn't hurting, I could definitely "feel" my strained muscle and I didn't want to aggravate it. It was a smart move.

When I got home, I iced the muscle and used some arnica gel and bio-freeze and just laid on the floor with little Lunz in front of the fire. My brick was solid and I know I will be ready to attack the marathon next Sunday. The plan is to run the first 20 miles in a nice and relaxed z3 and then rip up the final 10k (IF I feel that a Boston qualifying time is looking promising) ... it's still about Ironman and I am going to have to be able to get right back to training come the Tuesday after the race.

Finished up yesterday celebrating at another IMCdA party at the St. George's...it was a sloppy mexican fiesta with killer margaritas and all. I have to admit, it got a little rowdy after dinner in the cleared out dining room so a few chosen ones could show off some fancy yoga moves... it was so much fun.... we athletes can really tear it up I tell ya....


Belle said...

who are those yoga chicks, and are they stuck like that still? :) HA!

Deanna said...

Nice job on the brick girl. One favor. Can you make sure to get rid of the crappy weather before I get there. I am in desparate need of some warmth and sunshine. I can't wait to meet your friends...they sound like my kind of peeps!