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Monday, April 7, 2008

The day that never seemed to end

I miss Sunday, the rest day. Today started bright and early - 4:30am. Felt super motivated to swim - got a cute new swimsuit and was anxious to show it off! ;) Got to the pool a little later than planned because I decided to cuddle with Lunz for a few extra minutes.

Upon arrival, I was distraught to see that all 3 lanes were full and NO one was courteous and stopped so I could ask them to circle swim. Must note: NONE of them were good swimmers. It's a sad day when I get to the pool and I am the best swimmer there. Finally, flagged a girl before she was about to go down the lane and she seemed pretty put out that I wanted to circle swim. I told her I would be fast - swimming only 850 yards today and that I was training for an Ironman. There are days I just LOVE to throw that around *evil*

Knowing tonight's 16 mile run was going to be extremely taxing, I opted 800yds with the pull buoy and the last 50 on my own. After having some seriously motivating conversations Saturday night, I was ready to conquer the swim. Felt super relaxed and focused mainly on my pull/catch. It's coming together. The last 50 felt really good - I know I am going to have a breakthrough soon.

Got home around 4:50pm, hung out with Luna and prepared for tonight's workout. 3 mile spin on the bike and a 16 mile run with my main set being 1 mile in z4 and 3.5 miles in upper z3. As you all know (and if you don't), if there's one thing I can't stand, I mean despise, I mean HATE ..well...that's speed work. In. Anything. Swim/Bike/Run ...forget it. I would rather coast all day long then go balls out to make myself sick to my stomach and tear down my muscles. BUT, for Craig Howie, I do it. and I did it well tonight! It was cold and windy but I want to kick the marathon's ass at Ironman, I don't want to walk or drag or G.I. Joe crawl... I got home around 8:30pm and noted all the sore muscles in my body. Mostly in my legs of course but my shoulders a little bit.

Ready to hit the hay and will be sleeping in tomorrow and opting to swim in the evening. Today was a great day and I am really glad I got this big workout of the way. I am just so happy the day is finally over and I am still in one piece. One giant sore piece that is...


Deanna said...

Way to go Wonder Woman!

Mike said...

Great job hon...you da Shizzle ...can't wait to see you and the baby!