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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Finding the source of the pain

Sunday was a most unusual day. It was a rest day and well I did just that. Not like me. Even skipped yoga. I just wanted to see if I could honestly enjoy a nothingness type of day. Piddled around the house doing some chores and went grocery shopping but spent most of the day on the couch watching the tube. It felt awesome despite the tiny twinge of guilt I was forcing to leave my mind. Watched Sixteen Candles a couple times... do you realize that movie came out in 1984??? It's a timeless classic that I will love forever. The donger need food!

Monday I was back at it. Got up at 4:45am to hit the pool for a nice and relaxing 900 yard swim. Hardly even a warm up to you CdA'ers but all the same, it was good for me! Worked a nice long day and came home to blistery and chilly winds just in time for my long run, 18 miles.

I mentally prepared for it all day and even though today would have been more ideal, I just wanted to get it over with. A girl I work with gave me [read: FREE] pair of Pearl Izumi running shoes in my size - she had them stashed in her car as she's a running coach and apparently gets free stuff all the time. I was so grateful as I was ready to try something new. Yes, I am that girl who will wear new shoes for a long run without breaking them in or wear a new outfit to debut at a marathon without trying on. I don't care - if it's going to hurt me, so be it. I run with constant pain in my feet so maybe something new that was annoying could draw away the attention from the usual aches.

I am not going to beat around the bush - that run was the single most worst training run I have ever had. It felt as though, out of nowhere, I developed a sharp pain on my left pelvic/lower ab area. When I applied pressure, it wouldn't hurt but cupping your privates on an 18 mile run ain't practical. Enter ... pain management skills... I literally breathed (is that a word?) through the run, as if I were going into labor. Hoo hoo, haa haa, chii, chii... this went on for about 2 hours until I got into the front yard. I was exhausted and beat up and thoroughly defeated mentally.

Not sure what is causing this but am icing it, taking lots of arnica and going in to the doctor tomorrow to eliminate the one thing I pray it isn't - a hernia. I don't think that's what it is but after doing some research, I need to be absolutely sure. I also have a massage with the Queen of Massage Therapy on Thursday and hopefully she'll be able to help me locate the source of the pain. Jess is a genius and I listen to her every word... she has treated herself through multiple injuries and has come out on top as she approaches Ironman in just 8 weeks.

Today, I took it easy with a 20 mile trainer ride and then a trip out to Mike's turnaround point to replenish his fluids. Poor guy is on a 16 mile run right now but I expect him home shortly (it's 8:40PM.) This is the life of the Ironman that works a FT office job. Right now, we are squeezing by... but it's not so bad when the doorbell rings and the pizza delivery guy hands over dinner. Like I said earlier, The donger need FOOD!

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Please take care of yourself....