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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just a strain but laying off the running for a few days

My doctor confirmed that I do not have a hernia. Hip hip...hooray! It's just a pulled muscle or sprain so I am taking it easy, icing it, taking loads of arnica and some all natural anti-inflammatory (which tastes remarkably like battery acid.) I am staying as far away from ibuprofen or other prescribed anti-inflammatories as they are *evil*... still not sure which muscle it is exactly but Jess will help determine that tomorrow at my massage... I can't wait *drooling* as I am in dire need of a beat up and beat down to all my overworked muscles.

Tonight, had a great 25 mile endurance ride which included some Armstrong intervals but mostly in z2. After reading my Coach's blog today, decided to keep the lows LOW and hovered in the absolute lowest heart rate in my z2 (140bpm)... felt great and was able to keep my cadence high.

Looking forward to my 2000 yard swim tomorrow, my longest yet... I am ready to get wet!

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knopfler said...

stop tasting battery acid. just a tip.