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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok, Debbie Downer needs to get the hell out of dodge... I had another bad swim this morning despite all the visualizations and mantras and relaxing etc... Oh well... everyone keeps telling me it will click. I just have to have faith. My HR in a "relaxed and slow" stroke got up to 174 at one point with the zoomers and snorkel. I remember last summer, swimming in open water with a wetsuit, feeling 100% completely relaxed. I am anxious for those days again. I just hate crying in my goggles and fogging them!

In the meantime, I am chowing down pierogies and waffle cut fries....mmm, mmm. I love my polish heritage! and don't forget the red wine!

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BJ said...

Hey there...i know it can be difficult at times, this swim thing. But you're doing all the right things. You'll get through this tough spell in time. Not all of us are meant to swim, I'm totally not a swimmer. whatever you have to do, get in the water. I remember what helped me was to swim often...even getting to the pool for 500 yards. Just to feel the water, put my face in there, etc... You can do it...I have faith in your ability.