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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SpEed RAcEr

It has come to the point where I literally have to stop dead in my tracks and look around to see where it is I am and what it is I am actually doing. My life seems to be speeding by me as I try to do all of things that I set out to do, each and every day. I am becoming more efficient in multi-tasking but more deficient in staying on top of EVERYTHING. At some point, I have to stop pretending I'm some super hero and just SLOW DOWN... I am trying, I promise I am. I need to learn when to throw up the white flag and just let it go...

This week, I am training in "race week" mode and all of my workouts are light and short, to keep my legs rested and fresh for Sunday. I had a killer massage tonight from Magic Hands Jess and some strong words of advice. I am sitting in my Boston Marathon t-shirt right now, envisioning fast and swift strides on Sunday... I want to feel comfortable running and that's exactly my plan of attack. Steady...steady...steady... and to have a blast doing it. I need a 3:45:59 to qualify for Boston and my PR on this course (which I have actually run 4 times, not 3) is 3:44:50 so I know I what I need to do. The question is, when I wake up Sunday morning, will I be able to? For that morning only, I will allow myself to speed up and race through life...only to stop dead in my tracks at 26.2 miles and look up at the time board and see one thing, success.

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