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Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunscreen and Hotdogs and Seventies, OH MY!

Today was one of those spring days that would tease you so badly with hopes that winter is truly behind us. Woke up at 4:15am knowing that it was going to get somewhere in the 70's today. I opted to ride the trainer this morning, 13 miles OD. Mike had a 36 or 38 mile ride so we watched some more of Rescue Me and after 48 minutes I hopped off to leave him to him his workout. I love stabilizer week. Did I say that yet?

Work was long - put in a full 8 hours, skipping lunch despite the warm temps, because I knew I had a 10 mile run tonight and was looking forward to not having to wear 3 layers of everything. I might even go sleeveless...woooohoooo!

Got home, took Luna for a nice long walk - she's getting stronger every day and got my running gear ready. Chose to load up the camelback with Heed, a tasty and mild electrolyte drink from Hammer Nutrition. It actually seemed warm so I grabbed some margarita flavored Clif Bloks - they have 3X the amount of sodium than other flavors and knew I could benefit from that.

Dug out a classic skirt, Daquiri Ice Gym Girl and paired it with the Pink Crush TRIKini Top . Felt free and sassy and comfortable for a change. Slathered on the 50 sunscreen because a)no matter what time of year or day, that sun can burn and b)do. not. want. to. end. up. a. leather. face.

Headed out the door about 5:45pm and settled into a very UNcomfortable z2. My hips are really achy and my arms and shoulders even moreso from yoga yesterday. My shoes felt weird. Everything was annoying, a little. Although I have been running for 10 years and an estimated 21,000+ miles, for some funked up reason, I still don't know what to do with my arms. They're high, they're low, they're too crammed up, they're too swingy...whatever. I really felt they were battling me the entire 10 miles. Funny how that happens every now and again. Despite all that, the air was crisp, the grass was green, the smell of bbq followed me everywhere. It was awesome.

Earlier in the day, I felt that tickle in my throat..no. no. NO! The cold. I think it's back, or it never left. Little bastard. I am loading up on cold snap and OJ and going to slug back some Nyquil tonight for good measure. All in all, Monday is over and I am pretty excited to get in the water tomorrow morning. 1400 yard endurance swim. I am going to watch my video from last Friday night and really work on that tomorrow. We'll see what happens... for now? I love stabilizer week!

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Belle said...

You woke up at 4:15am on purpose?
oh my god. OMG.