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Saturday, April 19, 2008

You do the math.

Skipping right over this morning's yoga, which happened to be all zen-like, to my 35 mile ride from hell.

I was SO pumped to ride outside today. It was warming up and sunny, so I just knew it would be a beautiful day. Maybe a little windy, but didn't seem awful. 35 miles meant that I would simply ride out 17.5 and turn around. Didn't want to mess with trying to figure out the perfect loop in mileage so I opted for the out and back. No brainer.

I was zipping along, at times, 30mph as I headed dead north along County Road 1 or whatever it's called. Pretty flat, real light rollers in spots, not challenging. Got to the 17.5 mile turn around in 43 minutes. Doing the math, doing the math, doing the math...crap that was fast [for me]. With good reason. Dread starts coming over me, more dread, more dread... turning around is going to suck.

Ok, 43 minutes one way. I turn around and fight like hell to get back to my house. Fighting I say...Do you want to know what my arrival time was? Guess. Ok, don't because you won't even come close. I freaking got home with 2:26 on my watch. That's, 2 HOURS and 26 minutes, total.

So, do the math. 43 minutes to get out, 1 hour 43 minutes to get home. Would the genius who paid attention in math class tell me what the wind speeds were based on my return home? They were frickety nightmarish, that's what the speeds were. I was holding on so tight to my handlebars and didn't dare go into aero because I thought I was going to whip out into the wind like a cow in a tornado. Why didn't I just ride the trainer again? grrr.

Got home, shed my bike clothes and got my running gear on. Headed out for a 5 mile run - nice and easy in z2. My HR was teetering high z2/low z3 as I tried to make peace with the wind. I tell you, it is 100% easier to run into the wind then to ride. *note to self - ride outside only on non-windy days because you're a wuss*

Feeling good overall - legs are a bit achey but as soon as my compression tights arrive, I know they won't feel like that much. All in all, it was a great week of training - my stress number is a little high so I am doing nothing but being a couch potato tomorrow. I have watched Juno 3 times since last night so maybe will watch it 2 more? It's the cheese to my macaroni...

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Jackie said...

I hear hear you ,friend.......we have been having huge wind problems....but remember it makes you stronger !!!!

See you next week !!!!!