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Monday, May 5, 2008

16 mile ride, 900 yard swim, 10 minutes in the hot tub but NO rest

So, typically, I take the day following a marathon off. However, this time I experienced the day after a marathon, Ironman style. I squeezed out an outdoor ride and squeaked out a swim. My legs are sore and tired but it felt good to spin them out and get in the cool water. The hot tub after my swim was an added treat. I needed that relaxation time.

Had the day off work so I slept in to a whopping 7:30am and it felt great. I did everything today at my pace, slow motion. I love these kind of days and I could very easily get used to them.

I was feeling especially inspired today to be active as my coach, Craig Howie, competed at the St. Croix Ironman 70.3 yesterday. He was definitely in the 'zone' and smashed that course, placing 1st in his age group, 2nd amateur and 19th overall, amongst the pros, confidently securing his spot at Kona. I had the pleasure of speaking to him Sunday and was so proud of my mentor and friend. He practices what he preaches - he's a freakin' animal! I am ready to tackle my upcoming week with him on my side... it's pretty encouraging to have a true champion in your corner!

This week's goals:
Swimming: 4600 yards
Cycling: 115 miles
Running: 14.5 miles (thank goodness!)

I am just tired LOOKING at him run and so I switched around my week so tomorrow I can have the day off from training. Going to see Jess at 6:30pm for some healing hands work. I can't wait!

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Jackie said...

I miss you all!

Had a great massage with Jess......

Take care of yourself and see you soon......