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Thursday, May 1, 2008

2 mile run...ho-hum

It's kind of fun taking it easy, knowing you're saving EVERYTHING for your race. I didn't always have this attitude of being able to slow down and rest. Things have changed dramatically for me these past 9 weeks. It's even hard for me to comprehend that I am going INTO week #10 of Ironman training come Monday. Wow. That means I only have 16 weeks til Ironman. *gulp*

So, I have been taking it easy these past few days, kicking back and watching the tube a lot and following my plan, on the conservative side. Coach gives me choices: 40-60 minute run - I choose 40. 1700-2400 yard swim - I choose 1700, well, maybe 1800. But still. I want to be completely rested going into the marathon Sunday. Currently, I am at a +21 if I do NOTHING until Sunday. Tomorrow is a rest day and Saturday, I have a 1 mile run. So, I am going into the race completely energized and fresh. I am really excited.

I also was emailed my training plan for next week. There is NO rest for the weary, that's for dang sure. I have a 900 yard swim and 16 mile ride Monday. Thankfully I have the day off of work AND I am expecting to be spending the entire weekend in my new Skins Recovery Tights. They arrive tomorrow and they will have to be peeled off me by the time Monday roles around. I haven't even worn them yet and I am already drooling and telling everyone I know about them. BUT...everyone I know that wears them, swears by them and that's good enough for me. I am always the last one to get the cool gear... ho-hum.

So now, I am just waiting for my "twin" to arrive - her plane lands at 11:50PM from Spokane... Deanna will also be running the marathon Sunday. She just ran Boston 2 weeks ago and has 2 more marathons within the next 2 or 3 weeks, I think it is. And people think I'm nuts?!? *kidding*

We're going to have a really fun weekend and we're both very hopeful the weather will be warm enough Sunday so we can debut the Footloose Running Dress -it's also Dee's birthday. We're going to be some seriously bad-ass hot babes running through the Poudre Canyon... runners beware!


Jackie said...

How I wish I could join you in the race...I picked up my Green Footloose dress yesterday....I am in love with it !!!! got the green shorties as well !!!!

Just off for our LT tests.....

You will love the SKINS...we have been wearing all the stuff now for over a year !

See you tonight.....

BJ said...

Good luck in your marathon, kick some butt...run fast downhill, and let 'er rip.

Run Faster!