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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

2100 yard swim, lost freakin' timex HR monitor watch

After last night's kick-arse massage, I was ready to tackle today's workouts. Jess did some really amazing work and I woke up feeling like the toxins had been flushed out and revived. I was actually really excited to get in the water.

Swam 2100 yards without issue or problem, but still relying on the snorkel. I am going to have to talk to Craig about what my cut-off date is for weening myself from that thing. I know I can swim, no problems, open water in a wetsuit but still struggling in the pool. I have come a long way though since I began this process, 10 weeks ago so I am still really proud of what I am doing in the pool. I have learned to truly relax and feel weightless. I am getting to the point where swimming is becoming peaceful.

Took Luna in for her 6 week check up and the doctor was 90 minutes late to the appointment so I was utterly ticked off, which sort of set my mood for the rest of the day. grrrrr. The good news is that Luna's leg is doing awesome and she is on her way to a healthy recovery. I headed into work UBER late and had to take a 1/2 day because of it. Frickety.

Got home with every intention of running 6 miles. I got dressed and headed out to check on Mike, as he was running 18 miles tonight. It looked a little dark and stormy so I wanted to be sure he had everything he needed. He was feeling good so I headed home, excited to get in my run. I had my heart rate monitor strap on and started looking for my watch... 45 minutes later and several cuss words to follow, I still couldn't find my freaking watch. I was SOOOOO pissed.

I had to go back out and check on Mike, replenish him etc. He offered me his HR monitor but I knew he really needed it. Stopped at the rec center on the way home...maybe I left it there? NO. CRAP! Stupid high schooler lifeguards, I bet they didn't even look! I know I am not the only one who has suspended their workout because they couldn't find their HR monitor, am I??? I am becoming utterly obsessed with that little heart monitoring bastard. I never used to even own one...now I can't work out without it? It's like running without shoes or riding your bike without wheels... what have I become? Am I turning into a techie junkie...OH NO!

I am going to run my 6 miles, in the morning, without my HR monitor and will feel completely jaded but I have to do it. I have a 29 mile ride tomorrow night that will happen a little later as I have to get a new HR monitor after work. I can't help it. I need help. HRM Anonymous...here I come!!


Jackie said...

Kristina, so glad to hear the news about Luna.....

No, you are not alone......J can't do ANYTHING without my HR monitor......actually have a spare one...just in case.....

We miss you all and Boulder....it's summer here now !!!!

Anonymous said...

At this risk of sounding like a parent: learn from mistake. My monitor crapped out at IMFL and had to do the whole thing by feel. Perceived exertion is HUGE!

When are we gonna get in that swim?


knopfler said...

The pool days are numbered for this fella. Starting Tuesday morning its OPEN WATER season - yee-friggin-ha! It's like a whole new sport!

Keep the HRM lost most days, I say. You should know your body well enough by now. Don't be a techno-geek.

[you said "Uber" - cool.]