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Saturday, May 10, 2008

5 1/2 hours in the saddle, 1 mile run

A little chilled, a lot windburned but completely satisfied with today's ride. Of course the forecast for Sunday was better but we need that day to rest so Mike and I geared up and headed out around 10:30am. I had 70 miles to ride and he had 112 - Ironman distance. How exciting for him!! I whined a little about riding outside and said I might opt for the trainer and Mike said "riding outside today will make you tougher" and we all know what I bad-ass I want to be so...

It was in the 50's and I am pretty sure so were the winds in mph. Holy snap! Our plan was to head out to Boulder and tool around a little, then hit Olde Stage - Mike had to climb that 4 times. I was going to ride it once and then play around on Lee Hill Rd. til he was done.

The ride out to Boulder was treacherous. The strong winds were coming from the Northwest. I most definitely prefer headwinds to crosswinds. There were several times I was almost thrown off my bike, either by the wind sweeping my tires out from beneath me or pushing me towards the ditches on the side of the road. I can honestly say that I have never been so frightened to ride, ever. Once we got to Boulder though and nestled into the foothills, it was pretty calm.

Mike rode Olde Stage and then we headed north on 36 to make up a few more miles before heading home. Turning around was so much more fun. A nice little push from the wind the whole way home. I was feeling really good. Legs felt great, strong. Rode in myVogue Shorties which proved to be most comfortable and full of support in the pad - I highly recommend!!

Also, I used chamois cream for the first time - LOVED IT! I got home with about 8 miles to go so threw my bike on the trainer and finished my ride. That last 8 miles was so much harder than the first 62. I just wanted to be done as it was almost 4pm and I hate riding the trainer. Finished up my day with a 1 mile run off the bike. There was a lot of clip-clopping as my feet struck the ground but I knew if I continued past 1 mile, I could settle in to a rhythm.

Poor Mike - when we got home, he fueled up, made a pit stop and headed out for another 50 miles. He got home somewhere around 6:30pm. What a long day for us. Our friend Kelly B came over for burgers and fries and it was fun to hear about her marathon debut the previous weekend. She ran the Flying Pig in Cincinnati and ran phenomenally, with a 3:18. She is pure talent and is really fun to watch run. She makes distance running look effortless so again, CONGRATS KELL!

We watched P.S. I Love You and cried a little, ate a little more and passed out around 10:30pm. What a GREAT day!!!


Belle said...

Hey! Congrats on your day. Wowee.
I did a lake front practice for the 10 mile walk & roll. I took all the wipeouts for the team I think. The most spectacular of which included a full on downhill, tripping over a board and sliding 20 feet on the concrete. I only wish someone had caught it on tape.
Of course, everyone freaks, but since we wear full protective gear, I popped right up and said DO OVER! and did, with less excitement. I love training! :)

Jackie said...

I HATE cross-winds...you are So brave.......you are very motivated to ride that extra 8 miles.....you will breeze through Madison !

I watched that film on the plane to Denver......I thought it was lovely.......

Deanna said...

Nice job K! I thought about you and Mike on Saturday. I went for a short run and the wind was brutal. You and Mike are Bad Ass!!!