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Saturday, May 24, 2008

87 mile ride, 1/2 mile monster mash

I was pretty excited about today's ride - I enjoy riding for 5+ hours. Not really sure why but when I hit that 5 hour mark, I really start to feel satisfied. I have a great saddle, a Terry Butterfly - maybe that's why I don't mind be out there for so long.

Mike was getting ready for his breakthrough ride (130miles) as I was headed out the door. It was one of those days where I really had no idea what to bring for clothing. It was cool and breezy but would warm up later BUT I was going to climb up to Ward (8,500 feet) so it was a little frustrating. I opted for knees, arm warmers, a base layer and a vest - all of which could be taken off and very tightly folded fit in my jersey pockets. Ok, I was ready. Headed north up Erie then crossed over into Niwot/Boulder to approach my first challenge of the day, Olde Stage.

Approaching Lee Hill Rd, I stripped out of all the warm up clothes and got ready for the ascent - the sun was shining and there were tons of riders out today. On my first ride up Olde Stage, I passed 2 guys - late thirties - at a mere 5.5 to 6 mph. Total mental victory to beat 2 duded up that climb. Score 1 for the ladies. Turned around, headed up it again and then dropped into Left Hand Canyon. I love that climb to Ward. Although the sign says 10.5 miles to Ward it feels more like 10.5 hours...it just never ends. Fortunately, I am still early in training so I had my Ipod which definitely holds my pace. I average anywhere from 7.5 to 11.5 mph up that road, depending on how I feel, what the weather is like etc. Today was a great day for my legs... I passed 9 people (4 ladies, 5 guys *yesssss*) going up but got smoked by one very small but very strong woman and 3 dudes, of which she dropped all 3 - it was pretty cool. Got the general store after what seemed like forever and prepared for the very windy and cold ride down.

I love descending, I love the thrill of speed. Mike always tells me to be so careful because I go too fast sometimes...throwing some caution to the wind. However, today, I was especially cautious because it was so windy going down, my bike was shaking like mad. I chilled out and as I was approaching Left Hand, I got passed by 2 guys and a girl and I heard her call out my name ... it was Nicole DeBoom who was riding with her husband, Two Time World Ironman Champion, Tim and a friend. Funny, I would never have recognized them. I am not so suave at recognizing pro-athletes when I am out and about like that but Mike and all my friends seem to have no problem recognizing these triathlon icons. ***Side note: If it weren't for Nicole, I would not be training for an Ironman today. Hell, I would never have even done a triathlon. She is an amazing person, whose passion for women succeding has enabled me to meet the women that I am friends with today who continually inspire me and urge me on. I am forever grateful to Nicole.

I rode with Nicole for awhile chatting away and when got to the backside of Olde Stage, she said good-bye as she and Tim scooted up it no problem as they got smaller and smaller in the distance and I slowed down to what felt like a crawl...At that point I knew, crap, I am going to be over my distance for today. I was only supposed to ride 80 miles. Oh well, I would do my best to take shortcuts home. There was a really strong headwind coming from the south so I would go east for awhile, then cut back south - fighting the wind, then cut across east again. I got home safe and sound and was quite pleased with my time of 5 hours, 45 minutes. My legs felt pretty tired though and I was really dreading the run off the bike. My head felt like it had been switched out for a bowling ball and my neck and shoulders were really sore.

Changed clothes, threw on my shoes and proceeded to do the "monster mash" - just envision Frankenstein chasing after his bride... club footed, heavy headed, arms all over the place... Yes, I even sang the song in my own head. When I told my sister Michelle I ran and felt like Frankenstein she said, so you did the monster mash? It was quite funny...and very appropriate.

Next week = stabilizer. HOORAY! I finished up the week with 5200 yards swimming, 130 miles cycling and 27 miles running and am -47 going into tomorrow and since I am doing NOTHING Sunday, I will be at -30 going into Stabilizer on Monday... haven't seen my schedule yet but will definitely get myself back to zero however I need to.

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