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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Confidence building Ride *tuesday * Swim *wednesday*

Sorry for not blogging last night...it IS the American Idol finals... and yes, we STILL watch that damn show after all these years.

Had a 30 mile tempo ride after work yesterday. It was pretty hot but no wind which was a huge plus. I had a mostly z2 ride (low key) and 15 minutes of z4. I picked a fairly mild route, lots of light rollers, some little hills and some fairly flat roads-which can be tough by my house. I typically average 16mph on my rides, if that. But after hanging out with some real go-getters on Sunday, I wanted to put everything into this ride. I know it's training but there's no reason to not give 100% at the efforts laid out before me. The ride was pretty uneventful and in fact, was a very similar landscape to Ironman Wisconsin...farmland. I rode up north where dairy farms are abundant and with the cows staring back at me, I started to envision my 112 mile ride in Madison. Still get chills thinking about it... Smashed the 15 minutes in z4 which I didn't think I would be able to do because as we all know...come on, say it with me...KRISTINA HATES SPEEDWORK. Got home and was very pleased to say that not only did I ride 30 miles in 1:40 I held an average speed of 17.86 mph. A huge improvement over last year...especially with most of this ride in z2. booyah!

This morning I had my longest pool swim, evuh! 2350 yards(approx 1.3 miles). A little dread going in as Monday's swim was not so graceful. Warmed up with 1000 yards of focus on "this or that" type drills and was ready for the main set: a 750 yard swim broken out into 100's (with a little 50 at the end) the first 25 yards were to be in z4, followed by z3. I could do that about 3 times and then just settled into all z3 because this whole swimming thing is new to me. Finished that up, did some sprints - love those because they're over FAST and then strength and cool down. Overall, really happy about today's swim.

The self-confidence is building...slowly but surely.


BJ said...

Keep it going in the pool. Building confidence is so key, even if the speed isn't there, just getting more and more comfortable in the water will treat you well down the road.

You're doing awesome...stick with it.

Deanna said...

You are forgiven. I watch the AM final too. :)