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Thursday, May 15, 2008

back to reality

Ok, I admit, it felt really good to be all philanthropic and sisterly loving and blog about it and stuff but let's get back to why we're here. ME! *kidding* but seriously...actually I need to give a shout out to my ENTIRE family - they all rock! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful support system.

Ok. now, me.

So, last night I met with Craig Howie for a swim lesson. I prefer to call it a coaching session but who are we kidding? The rec center by his house is literally 3/10ths of a mile from his doorstep and he almost got me to drive there. He had ridden 110 miles that day and was feeling a little tired. Anyways, we got there and I beat him to the pool - apparently he gets beaten out of the locker room a lot but somehow wins races. hmm... there's a strategy there that I need to nail down. He's a machine.
We met at one of the 3 open lanes, the one that has the seated handicap chair that sticks out like a foot into the water and observe a very small foreign man with swim shorts 4 sizes to big swimmimg, coasting really, down the center of the lane. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!! The other 2 open lanes had some really sweet swimmers in it too. Ok, that's a lie. Why do all the crappy swimmers get to the pool when I do. I know I'm no Michael Phelps but cripes!!!!!!! I wanted to yell out BUT I'M TRAINING FOR AN IROMAN!!! but knowing that would be rude, I didn't. After about 3 minutes, Craig asked small foreign man with oversized shorts if we could share the lane and he told us he only had 1 lap left....so that would bring his grand total up to 5? No really...but still. So, the lane finally opened up and I got in.

With. no. warning.
the temperature.
You see my pool keeps the water temps at a balmy 87 so it's more like bathtime when I start my workouts... this water temp was more like, take-your-clothes-off-while-we-scrub-you-down-before-your-10-year-sentence kind of feel. I sucked it up and swam my first 50 so Craig could get an idea of my progress (if any.) He wanted to see me do it one more time before the critiquing began. He told me I looked a million times better, ok, maybe 10 times and that he could tell I had been working really hard *gold star for me* And truly, I had been. And apparently, working hard is good AND bad. He wanted me to slow down my kick. Although it was tight, he said I was kicking way TOO hard. That would explain why I was always out of breath and gasping for air. hmmm....

Slow down my kick = more relaxed = breathe easier = SUCCESS!

We continued to work for the next hour on my 90 degree catch and relaxing my kick utilizing the Lane 4 Tempo Trainer - my little savior. And what do you know? IT happened. IT all came together. The glide, the relaxing, the breathing, the kicking... The "it" everyone has been telling me about ...It all came together and I knew on my last 25 that swimming as I knew it, would no longer be the enemy. I can't explain how I felt but it felt like I won my own race, it was a huge personal victory...it was just so cool. The most important thing I can do is go slow and barely kick and when I feel like I am relaxed and kicking lightly, kick lighter. I am so excited for my 2250 swim tomorrow. I feel like a different person. I feel like a swimmer and more importantly, I feel like my Ironman swim is going to be OK. and all thanks to the greatest and MOST patient coach, Craig Howie. He makes each one of us athletes feel like we are amazing and that what we do is amazing. It's so freaking awesome to work with him!!!! (suck up, I know...)

Today, I had a 28 mile ride on the trainer and then a 1.5 mile run. I had a great workout and my legs felt great, solid on the run. Finished up the night with some Grey's Anatomy and killer quesadillas that I made (I rock!) Now it's sleepy time ...


Belle said...

uh...you rock. you swim. you got it goin' on. (you suck!)blah blah and smooches. Michelle.Belle.

knopfler said...

That Rec center pool is so damn cold. I shudder every time I jump into it.

Now that you have realized your *issue* was with the kicking thingy you are going to rock once you get a wet suit on and you realize you don't really even *need* to kick to propel yourself.

You will be chilled out like you are on the beach being served by cabana boys.

BJ said...

Great job Kristina...really. Just stick with it. You'll have many, many more sessions where you'll feel 'it', so savor those moments. Keep up the great work in the pool.