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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Low key and stress free

That's the theme of my final week of base. After next Sunday, things will get a whole helluva lot more lively and stressful...as the intensity and speed of my training will increase! It's all about quieting the mind right now...calming myself before the storm...

I swam yesterday morning and the pool was really crowded...really crowded with really not-so-good swimmers. I was heavily annoyed but whatever, I just have to deal. It's the one place where I will get to do the swimming over people. *devilish grin* The swim went well depsite not being able to complete a few of the drills due to cramping of space. I felt like I knew what I was doing and even better, I felt like I looked like I knew what I was doing to those who were poolside. That makes me feel really confident!

I had a wonderful and very well-deserved massage last night, if I don't say so myself. Massage is key to recovery and getting the muscles fresh and ready to attack each and every work out. I love my massages!! (Thanks Jess!!)

Today, I opted to rest. I am taking advantage of what stabilizer is all about. Getting fresh muscles that will be ready to hammer out the next few weeks of training. I really would love to just sleep straight through Sunday. Only then, do I think I would have adequate rest!

Mike will be traveling to Show Low, Arizona tomorrow for his first tri of the season, an Olympic distance race on Saturday. I am really excited for him and I know he will do great. I am going to hang back with Luna and enjoy some quiet time to collect my thoughts and get focused again. I am lacking that as of late...

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