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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pre-race preparation...focus, focus, focus...

There are times I LOVE the week before a race and there are times I HATE it. I am an active and fidgety person and race week can be tough for someone like me. It becomes a huge mental challenge to slow down, rest, eat more carbs, drink more fluids etc... I have to force myself to do many of these things and it requires a great deal of focus. Knowing that the rest I am giving my body now is just as important as the hard workouts that prepared me for race day can be somewhat daunting at times...

I have really enjoyed these past few days, however, giving in to the realization that I don't need to be a superhuman and I can simply be "just a girl getting ready for a race" and leave the chores for a few more days... a little dirty laundry or dust isn't hurting anyone.

Last night, we had a carbo load dinner at an Italian restaurant in Boulder - DELISH! Mike, Dee and I met up with Chris and Craig & Jackie and Gordy and had a grand time sharing stories, life experiences and many laughs.

This morning I ran for 10 minutes with Dee, soaking up the sunshine, breathing in a crisp, cool air and focusing on how I am going to run each mile tomorrow. Followed it up with some banana-bluberry pancakes, fresh blackberries and some oj while watching Juno *again.*
Dee and I are getting ready for a pedicure and then will meet Mike out for his 15 mile run (after the 55 mile ride) to replenish his fluids and give him some support. We'll be heading up to Ft. Collins afterwards to check in to the hotel and chill... I am feeling really good and very positive about tomorrow. No matter what, I feel prepared.

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