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Monday, May 26, 2008

Rain, rain, go away....

Ho, hum...Today, in traditional Memorial Day fashion, has been gloomy, cold and rainy. I managed to get an 8 mile run in before it got too wet and too cool for my skirt! I was very satisfied running in z1 the entire time and couldn't believe how low my HR actually was for the effort I was giving. I truly believe in "the plan" as Jess will always refer to our HEP training schedules.

I can already tell that I am having to make more of an effort, i.e. go faster, to get to where I need to be according to my training. This is really great from a fitness and Coach's standpoint but sucks for the girl who just likes to cruise on auto-pilot. I'll get used to it...I guess I have to as I spend my last week in Base, stabilizing. Next week starts Build and from what I hear, IM training really begins. I will definitely enjoy this week of resting and can't wait for my massage tomorrow. I just hope the weather warms up for everyone peaking for Coeur d'Alene.

I had lunch with one of the K's of 'K & K' and we talked mostly about the metaphysical world and past life experiences and what goes on in the world today and how will it affect us in 2-4 years. She experienced something amazing with a shaman that I am going to have to see for myself. I really love flipping the endurance athlete switch off and turning on a switch to a world I know nothing about but am completely fascinated with... this is GOOD mental rest!

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Jennifer Howie said...


You are amazing! I am not the best at keeping up with blogs, but I went back and read your posts today. I am constantly amazed by your work effort, passion and dedication to the sport. It is a huge deal that you had your break through in the pool, the confidence will just keep building and the days when you were struggling will start to fade in your memory. I believe in you as much as possible and can't wait to see you through on your journey to Ironman. I also have to thank you for all of the gratitude that you have show Craig and I. It is easy to be supportive of someone like you! I am looking for tickets to Wisconsin so that I can come and watch.