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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Saturday: My own triathlon

Just got back from a 1500 yard swim (mostly drills, blech)...and wanted to try this whole "Boiling Frog approach" Craig and BJ blogged about. I feel pretty warmed up and am chowing down a bagel with peanut butter and honey right now. Getting prepared mentally for my brick: 45 mile ride, 10.5 mile run. The weather is GORGEOUS and I will definitely need sunscreen, fo' shiz!
Stay tuned...
Well, I believe the theory works... I was really warmed up. It was warm out and so my HR skyrocketed immediately. A little frustrating as I'm in the 'base phase' where there's lots of low-intensity training and it's tough to get the HR down. BUT. you deal with it, you know?

Like I said, it was so gorgeous out, finally... headed out towards the Flatirons mall - lots of low-key hilly riding, haven't been out that way since last summer. Did some nice short climbs and just enjoyed looking at the snow-capped mountains against the bright blue sky. Kind of brings a tear to my eye thinking about... I truly I believe I live in one of the most beautiful states in the country. *sigh, sentimental thoughts....*

Rode 45 miles in very slight winds in 2h:45m and was quite happy with that. I spent a lot of time on the bike thinking about IMMOO. When I should be in aero, when I shouldn't... I need to practice 'rollers' (rolling hills) big time to figure it out, the gears, everything.

Transitioned for my 10.5 mile run and it was hot by then, almost 80. Weird for us to be in skimpy clothing. Anyways, it took about 20 minutes for me to get the lead out of my legs. They were so heavy. I was able to shake that feeling right as I entered my z3 4 mile run. Needed to get the heart rate higher which meant I had to run harder. I thought, "it's cool, you can do this...run like it's the final mile at Ironman and you just want to be done." That thought process got the job done and I thought a lot about my friend Dee who is taking on an even bigger challenge this October as she enters the world of ultra-marathon. She will be running a 50 miler and she is just such an inspiration to me. I ran the marathon with her 2 weeks ago and just thought about how hard she trains physically, but moreso mentally. Distance running is a monster of a mind-f&$k and you need to be on your game mentally when negative, self-deflating thoughts enter. And believe me, they enter a LOT to me on the run.

Towards the end of my run, I crossed paths with Mike who had ridden 67 miles and was just beginning his 17 mile run. Oy! That will be me in about 9 weeks, Lord help me. He looked great though...good form, relaxed. I was so proud of him. In case you didn't know, he's had 2 full ACL reconstructions (same knee), a miniscus (sp??) scope and foot surgery. His body has been beaten to high hell and here is, just 5 weeks out from his first Ironman. Can you imagine how he must be feeling? He has overcome so many physical obstacles. I am just so proud of him I can't even tell you. He's my hero. I know he's going to be amazing in Coeur d'Alene and I am so blessed to have him in my life. We're celebrating out 6th wedding anniversary next weekend. Wow. We haven't killed each other yet. haha...

When I finished my run, I hopped in the car after a few chores and drove out to find him and offer him his fuel and all he wanted was water. His stomach was upset and he couldn't do any more 'techno food.' So I turned around, went home and filled up a nalgene bottle full of ice water. When I got it to him, I don't think I had ever seen a bigger smile. He only had about 5 miles left at that point. After his run, I heard him in the garage and then silence. I went outside to find him hosing down his poor dogs...they were so swollen. I offered to sprinkle him with water and he said "hose me down." He must have been quite the sight on our front lawn...

What an awesome day we had!!

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