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Friday, May 23, 2008

victory in the time trial...

After watching what I thought was a killer season finale of Grey's last night (I happen to LIKE Meredith), I was psyched to get to bed and wake up bright and early for my 1800 yard swim today. I was going to do my first official time trial (without the snorkel or fins). I was feeling really good on my way to the pool.

I was the first one in the water... I love that feeling. The pool was mine and I was truly ready to 'own it.' Warmed up with 950 yards of drills and prepared myself mentally for this 300 yard time trial. I set my tempo timer at 105 (not sure really what that means) but the little beats were fast enough to get me into z3 but not too fast to make me feel breathless. I started nice and easy and really focused on light kicking... it seemed to be working because I when I got done, I felt a little out of breath but because I swimming fast, not kicking fast. I looked at my watch... and may I just pre-empt this with the fact that exactly 9 days ago, when I met with my coach, I couldn't swim 50 yards without stopping and grabbing the side of the pool... so, I look at my watch and I swam that in 6:26.2. Of course my first thought was, I could have gone faster if I had the tempo timer on a lower number BUT ... I needed to not get ahead of myself here. So, that 6:26 equates to about 2:08.6 per 100's... what does that mean in relationship to Ironman...well, not exactly sure yet but I called my coach at 7:25 this morning to find out! We give him our time trial numbers and he enters into this little spreadsheet and it spits out an estimated Ironman time.

I have 14 weeks left to kick the swim's ass and improve on that time today. When I finished, I felt like pumping my fist in Michael Phelps fashion and swimming over the rope to the girl swimming next to me and congratulate her on her 2nd place finish... of course, that said girl was Kelly B today! I was like, "Kell...did you see that? I was swimming!!" In typical fashion, she laughed and I am sure thought "duh, we all are swimming, that's why were in a swimming pool..." Got home, told Mike and then called Jess to report the good news. It was another one of those days where I told anyone who would listen. The confidence grows...

Worked a short day and got home around 3:15. Did some tidying around the house but not too much (thanks Jackie - no one will remember me for my clean house when I die!) and prepared for my 8 mile tempo run. I waited as long as I could to see if the winds would settle down. They did some and I headed out around 4:30. The run was great, it was cool, very cloudy and I felt really strong. I had to run two - 1/2 miles in z4 and did those in 4 minutes each and settled into a really comfortable and easy z2 run. Finished in 1:20.

Today was another all around great day of training - much better than yesterday's lame z1 efforts. It's a carb fest in my house tonight as I am making baked mostaciolli with lots of bread in preparation for our big rides tomorrow. Mike is headed up to Estes Park for his breakthrough 126 mile ride and I will be headed out to Boulder to battle Olde Stage and climb Left Hand Canyon for an 80 mile ride. It's going to be a long day for both of us but we'll be doing what we love...working out so hard that we can eat like little piggies afterwards!

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