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Saturday, June 14, 2008

100 mile ride, 1/2 mile run

With sheer intervention of miracle, I was able to get up this morning in time for my ride. As I mentioned previously, I am so tired, suffering exhaustion in a way that is new to me. This is Build. This is about becoming an Ironman.

Managed to drag my butt out of bed, burn my bagel and suck back my Chai Tea in time to get out of here at just 6 minutes after 6am. The sun was shining and the sky was clear. It was going to be a beautiful day! Perfect in fact for a long ride. There was a lot of wind though... but hey, it makes you stronger, right?

Got to the start, got my stuff, met up with my friends Annie and Chris and a co-worker of his and was off. Somewhere shortly after 7am? I haven't ridden in a "group" setting in over a year. It was casual, very chatty, very relaxed...in other words, completely foreign to me. Ironman training can be very lonely, very quiet and extremely intense. I really enjoyed starting today's ride out in a manner that was going to prove beneficial to me. Had time to process how I wanted to approach today's ride.

All week, I have been stressed out about swimming and very depressed and lacking self-confidence. Today, built my confidence level back to a respectable high and assured me that I. CAN. DO. THIS. I took off up Lookout Mountain Road and just pushed myself from there. I heard Chris shout, "keep rolling girl" or something like that and I smiled. Yes, keep rolling. I had every intention of doing just that. Rolling. hard.

I tend to be a little competitive in these kinds of rides. Most people do them socially, to have fun. I do them to see how bad I want it. This entails passing people, up hills especially. Finding my rabbit... Had a few of those out there that I would share pulling and drafting with. I thank them. They made me leave it all out there... I shouted out to some guy, "If I am going to hurt today, I am going to make it f&%*$ing hurt!" What's the sense otherwise?

Climbed up Old South Saint Vrain Canyon, to Peak to Peak Highway, into Ward, dropping into Nederland and coming back to scream down Ward and Left Hand Canyon. This is a beautiful and scenic ride that makes me really appreciate living here! Ate my share of bagels, Nilla Wafers (a definite in my special needs bag), Ginger Snaps, Watermelon and cream cheese Ritz cracker sandwiches...one word. DELICIOUS! There were moments it was so steep I was riding a whopping 4.9mph but my favorite part about this ride is the descent...reached 44.2mph. I love speed. There was one rider that I was coasting with down LHC and as we were stopped at a light in Boulder, asked me, how in the heck do I descend so fast? He told me he was behind me pedaling to keep up. I smiled thinking, I had a really good teacher. (thanks Big Mike!) I crunch down into a tight little ball and coast... it's so fun. I definitely take advantage of recovery on my rides.

Pushed myself so hard the last 10 miles. Full out z3 flat road racing. As I said, I wanted to leave every last bit of myself out there. and I did, passing several pissed off men along the way. Not many women rode the 100 miles route. Finished it in 6 hours, 38 minutes, 33 seconds. 22 minutes faster than last year. I'm really psyched.

Got to my car, threw on my running shoes and had the strangest sensation... this is what I am going to feel like at Ironman. Wow...that's so cool. It's uncomfortable, it's weird... but so cool! It's slowly coming together...

Thankfully tomorrow starts much needed Stabilizer...WOOHOO!! We'll spend the day packing and getting ready as we leave for Coeur d'Alene on Tuesday. Holy crap. It's finally here! I am so excited to be a part of this with everyone....and my Coach thought I might have a hard time standing by as a spectator next Sunday. Can I get a hell no I won't! haha... I am NOT ready. yet.


Mike said...

Awesome job babe!! EPIC DAY....great time...let's make a plan to do this together before summer is over...keep up the great work...IM will be here before you know it!

Deanna said...

Nice job on the ride missy! You are a rocket! You know who you will be coaching someday? :)

Belle said...

Great work Kristina, though I'm spent after reading your blog some days. I'm very proud of you, keep up the awesome work sis. MJD