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Monday, June 30, 2008

17.5 mile run, 1 cold bath

It was a hot one. Started out at 5:30pm and the temp was somewhere in the 90's. Thank goodness for cloud cover. That helped with the first 10k. Ran that sucker sloooooooow in z2. My HR was naturally higher because of the heat so it was pretty much a race walk fest to keep it in range. Totally sucked and I grew rapidly impatient. Was ready to start my 7 mile z3 set.

Was feeling great til around mile 8 where the sharp, shooting pains returned to my feet. Friggity. This brand aint' working either. Since I switched out of the Asics gel Nimbus, I think I have been through 7 different shoes. May just have to return to the Asicas and pray that this series is better than last year's.
Settled in as best I could to a mid z3 range and was quite happy when it was over. Coasted the last few miles in z2 and arrived home at 8:30pm. What a long ass day. Started a cold water bath and laid in that with a towel wrapped tightly around my upper body and enjoyed that feeling. The swelling felt like it went down in my legs....ahhhhhhh Applied arnica gel, some peppermint foot lotion, removed 2 more toenails and put on the stretchy pants. I'm now ready for some Olympic trials which we taped earlier.

So glad this day is over.

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Go.2.Belle said...

2 MORE toenails? How many do you currently have, attached?