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Thursday, June 26, 2008

2800 yard swim, 38 mile ride

Got up at 4:20am and was back into my routine. Suprisingly, I got up very easy as I was eager to get to the pool. I am going to experiment with pre-swim food combinations as I tend to get somewhat burpy (that's the technical term) in the water after 45-50 minutes. Today I tried a plain plain power gel. I also want to see what I should eliminate or cut back from in my diet to produce less phlegm. Gross, I know but I am pretty much a giant snot factory this summer. It's so irritating.

Had a great swim and finished up in about an hour and 15 minutes. I do all of the drills on "the plan" and after watching IMCdA, I am going to workout extra EXTRA hard when I am told to!

Got to work and sucked back an iced 24 oz 4 shot espresso white mocha from a killer new coffee shop called ink! Coffee... it's my new fave and gets me through the day.

After work, came home and had some cereal, got into my bike clothes and headed out for my 38 mile ride. Thankfully the wind didn't pick up til about mile 25 and with that I was far enough west that it could push me back home. Main set was 38 minutes of z4 climbing. I had to find a steep road in Flatirons and go up it 5 times to simulate my main set. I felt strong and really pushed harder through each climb. I need to strengthen my legs for the hilly Wisconsin course.

Right now I'm just waiting for Mike to finish making dinner. He's been awesome this week with helping me out. He's feeling great and sleeping in every day. I have no idea what that feels like but I know it sounds awesome!

Tomorrow, I do it all over again but shorter - a 2100 yard swim and 30 mile bike. I see another 24 oz 4 shot latte in sight!

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Jackie said...

When I swim in the morning, I just have a glass of OJ and a banana....seems to work for me.....