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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back to reality.

So, 1 week ago Monday, I crammed in a 5 mile track workout at 7pm at night. It was stabilizer and I opted out of the 9 mile run but wanted to work on the main set, which was a total of 4 miles in z3. I haven't been on a track since 2001, when Mike and I first started dating and were training for his first marathon. It was pretty fun to be on one again. I had no headphones, the sun was just start setting to set and I was all alone. I was pretty excited about this workout.

The first mile was a haphazard z3 run, no particular plan and I ran it in 8:19 with an average HR of 167. The second 2 miles (back to back) was more of the same and I ran the first mile in 8:23 with an average HR of 166 and the second mile was 8:18 with an average HR of 168. The 4th mile I experimented with. I was going to slowly increase my HR over each quarter mile and hold it, ie Boiling Frog theory. And you know what? It worked! I ran that mile in 8:03 with an average HR of 165. I am definitely sticking to speed work for the rest of training!

I got home and frantically started packing for our early start to Coeur d'Alene. We left around 6am and met up with the Gumkowski's along the way for our first stop to Bozeman, Montana.

Had some dinner and hit the hay as we were heading out early to get to CdA. The St.George's and Brian James (the nicest guy ever by the way!!) rolled in somewhere around 5:30am and we were all up anyways with excitement. Met down at the pool/hot tub to goof around and relax before we left for our destination.

Got to CdA somewhere around 3pm and it was beautiful. What an amazing place to do an Ironman. We settled in and the following day Mike's parents along with the Wilsons made it to town. Met up with the Rileys from England, Mary and her boyfriend and friend as well as Susanne, Jess's sister and super Ironman Cathy. What a FUN crew!

I managed to get some rides in with Petra (strong rider!!) and a short run on my own along with a 16 miler with Dee (strong runner!!) on Saturday. It was a crazy week for my training but it was stabilizer so I had some flexibilty.

Race day was Sunday and the weather was perfect for our triathletes. The water temps rose to a steamy 59 1/2 and a nice cloud cover rolled in for the afternoon. There was a light wind but I didn't hear too many complaints from the athletes. When the gun sounded for the swim start, Petra walked me through a visualization technique that I will definitely take with me to Wisconsin. It was extremely helpful and I can reflect back on that moment of peace when I need it in the water. (THANK YOU P!!) The rest of the day was spent scoping out everyone and they were all spaced out evenly enough that we would catch them at least once on each of their legs of the bike and run. I was able to see Mike finish (sort of) as I was 4 blocks up with Luna to see him down the hill. He was in a zone and he looked great. Everyone had a fantastic finish and I do believe Jess, her pink dress and her dance across the finish line was the talk of the town on Monday. I hope my finish is as graceful! I am so proud of all of you!!

Reflection of my first Ironman experience:
As a spectator, I was amazed how everyone pushed through their pain and overcame severe obstacles; cramping, sour stomachs, pulled muscles, swollen ankles, etc. I was inspired and humbled by their efforts.

As a woman training for this very same event, just 10 weeks out, I was in a different place mentally, a very scared and negative place. I talked to my Coach about it today and it's something we're going to work on. You can't go into Ironman with self-doubt or fear. If you do, you are setting yourself up for failure. I want to succeed, I know I can do this physically, deep down I know it. I am trying to shed years of low self-esteem that I developed long before I started marathoning. For some reason, with running as a focus, that crap never re-surfaced, it was repressed. Running's easy. 1. Put on shoes. 2. Run. But... throw into the mix cycling and swimming, something I am so new at, well, it is definitely testing me and who I am and what I am made of. If you're not 'in it' mentally, it's over before it ever starts. That is something I definitely have learned from my husband and all of my Ironman friends. Just like with everything else, I have to train my mind to succeed as well. I have lots of good teachers around me and am learning a thing or two....


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