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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Brick, nap

After what seemed like an eternally long week, I had an even eternally longer workout yesterday. I crammed some of the bigger workouts from 4 days into 2 days and going into Saturday a.m., I was still completely exhausted. 56 mile bike, 13.5 mile run was on the plan with lots of z3. Sleepwalk city.
I am having some serious issues on the bike right now - not sure if it's my seat, or if I have to go down a size in my shorties but whoah, do I have some serious pain right now when I'm in the saddle. Have never experienced this before and so I need to figure something out quick as I have a 103 mile ride this week.

Drove out to Coot Lake in Boulder so that I could do my run at Boulder rez. It was overcast and cool when I headed out on the bike, in the 60's with a little wind but as far as I'm concerned perfect training weather. Was feeling great to begin with although I felt that dull ache in my legs from riding the previous 2 nights. Rode out to Lyons, then Left Hand Canyon, anything to get me to 56 miles as around mile 28 became painful in the saddle. By the time I got back for my run, it was clear skies and warm.

The run was going to be tough as my legs were toast. Good practice for Ironman. Changed clothes, threw on my shoes and hobbled out to the course. First loop was to be done in z2 and the second loop in z3 (challenge.) The first 10k was spent loosening up and getting my running legs back. It was hard but the second loop was going to be harder, pushing myself to go faster and get into z3. Somehow I did, barely. My z3 starts at 162bpm and I was hovering that right at 163. I had nothing in the tank. I just wanted to get this over with. Not one of my better training days.

Got home and took a nap, something I have yet to do this season and I loved it. Wasn't long enough but it was awesome. Mike and Luna were snoozing with me so it was some nice family bonding time. After the nap, we headed up to Longmont for a birthday BBQ for my friend Kim and her friend Wendy. Met Kim's new friend and almost fainted when I saw him. He is the spitting image of my all time running hero, Steve Prefontaine. Naturally, he's a keeper!

Yesterday was also a tough day emotionally as it marked 6 months since Josey has been gone. It hasn't really gotten easier to deal with. I simply block her from my mind but when she sneaks in, I cry, alot. I just miss my baby so much...here she is at 8 weeks old.

Today is going to be a great day, some relaxing, some chores around the house and no training. Gearing up for a big week next week:
Swimming 6,600 yards
Running 35 miles
Cycling 167 miles

Thankfully we have the 4th of July off so I can make this week work well for me timewise. No cramming...


Go.2.Belle said...

I'd like a brick of cheese, and a nap. Alas, it's been chore central. Cooking dinner with the kid, then books and bed for her, then bills and bed for me. Zzzzz.

Deanna said...

Just reading your blog made me tired. Jeez. Keep it up.

Jackie said...

When I look ahead at the schedule Craig has done for us I get very excited...then I read your blog !!!!!

Rest well.....

You will be resting as an IM whilst I am still doing the hard stuff !!!!!