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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Every day, every workout, every moment lately is different. My view is constantly changing. I love running. I hate it. The bike is the enemy. My friend. The water is the bane of my existence. Sometimes it comforts me. I have never felt such different emotions on such intense and volatile levels in my entire life. Ironman isn't just a test of your physical strength in a 17 hour period. It tests your emotional stability and self-confidence months before you even get to the actual race. It can be beautiful and colorful, or it can be dark and menacing. Tonight's swim? The latter. My 5k immediately following? The former.

I had the most wonderful water angel accompany me on my very loooong 750 meter swim. Thank you Petra ~ you patient and loving friend. The sun tucked behind the clouds, the wind made her presence known and the waves were abundant and choppy. I swam more than I did last week. My rhythm is there, I just need to find it for longer periods of time.

Transitioned to the run after opting out of the second lap and hit the pavement with extremely numb feet. I am still waiting for my results and this run seemed much tougher than last week. I felt more tired and my breathing was labored. I finished in 25:01, which put me at 8:05's. I have pr'd my 5k time. Considering I have only run this distance in a race setting a total of 4 times now, 3 of which were at Stroke n' Strides, I am really excited. My heart rate was at the top of z3, bottom of z4. Next time, I will break 8 minute miles... and maybe swim the full 1500!

Cooled down with another 5k run with my water angel, Petra. I'd like to say I was her land angel... It was nice to have that time alone with her. We talked about everything from Ironman (she completed her first in Florida last year) to family. I needed to hear the reasons she finds running difficult -I empathize in the swimming realm. Can I make it through the swim? She thinks I can. Leap of faith, I have to believe her.

After, Mike and I met up with the Cape Cod Costellos and BJ afterwards at Proto's in North Boulder. We had the best time listening to the stories of the Costello girl's childhood. B. B. B.
I love these women!

Off to bed to rise at 5am for a 9 mile run, followed by a 20 mile ride tomorrow night. I'm on land and for now, I like the way tomorrow's kaleidoscope looks...

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